Yes. I'm excited about Crew Dragon…but does Blue Origin still suck?


As the world prepares for the return of American manned spaceflight, our return to the moon may be in serious trouble. How is Blue Origin threatening Artemis? Is there a solution?


If you’re interested in “Blue Origin Sucks”:

And here’s more details on NASA’s concerns on the Lunar Starship, and their ratings on each proposal (not that I agree)

  1. Hey, guys. No doubt this video will trigger some of you, but I am a fellow who speaks his mind, and I think we need more honest opinions in the world of spaceflight. Thank you for watching, please speak your minds as well, and GO CREW DRAGON!!!

  2. Space x are full of poo. No way people will travel on such a death trap! Angry astonished needs to rethink his safety perspective

  3. Woah woah woah!!! Crazy idea!

    I've heard talk about a space elevator on Earth. Why not make an orbiting station over the moon with a space elevator. No need to have a reusable lander/launcher unit.

  4. Haha 2.3K subscribers… I'm watching this and you currently have 22k subscribers.

    Well done you angry bastard.

  5. Congress will cancel Artemus because of the huge costs addressing COVID and the faltering economy. Trump is the only one who supports development in space.

  6. Space-X's "Lunar starship" (shouldn't it be called a moonship?") actually won't be re-usable, at least not right away. It can't start it's engines on the lunar surface without kicking rocks into orbit potentially causing damage. The plan is to just leave the starship there, then use it as material to make a moon base.

  7. Let me get this straight. Their major accomplishment has been to win a contract. So far, so good.

  8. How can anyone believe anything Jeff Bezos' says about space exploration? He has not followed through with ANY of his promises. He is so full of BS that his eyes are now brown.

  9. If Nasa doesn't choose SpaceX, Elon might just put a Starship on the moon anyway; as a test Landing for Mars.

  10. Congress ain't cancelling Artemis or SLS. They are make work programs for Boeing and Sen. Shelby's constituents in 'Bama. Maybe SpaceX will go it alone and just do it their way. Musk isn't gonna wait around. First he needs to prove that Starship can go orbital and survive re-entry, then develop LEO refueling which would be revolutionary and obviate the need for this massive rockets for lunar or planetary missions. Once those are accomplished do a moon flyby with a paying billionaire and his groupies. Tweak Starship landing legs and land on the moon while everybody is going back to NASA for more money LOL.

    The sad reality is the next administration could completely re-shuffle the deck and we would be back to zero. That's why it's better to put ones money on Musk. He isn't quite as beholden to NASA funding at this point.

  11. I'm so thrilled that millionaires can get a joy ride to sub orbital space. Woopee!!! Thanks Jeff for this amazing contribution to humanity. You and Branson are going to corner the millionaire suborbital space tourism market.

  12. Haven't had as much time to watch this channel as I'd like. It's time to start catching up. This video was not only educational, it is a very good shout-out for everyone to start demanding that we get things done. I have just discovered "Stingray", a futuristic 1960s TV show in an industrial design style that was popular while I grew up. I've been gloating over how much of that stuff we now have, like global Videotelephones. Love the art, which is visible in today's spacecraft. How much of that is created, and when, seems to hinge on what random person can get into office, manipulate people within government, or use corporate power to decide what society does. I'm starting to appreciate what Elon Musk has accomplished. We need his attitude, not the complacent government and corporate snail's pace we've been in.

  13. Good Onya!! Call it for what it is – most of us are fed up of the whole NASA/Blue Origin modus operandi – do they honestly think that we are ALL so Effing stupid to believe their brand of BS.??? As a senior executive who has worked in Asia, this is straight from their playbook – suck at the tit of plenty, and just before the mother dries up, you produce just enough results to justify asking for more!! Go to space or don't go to space, but stop playing the rest of us "mere humans" as mugs !!!

  14. I don't think you were HARD ENOUGH on Blue Origin and it's phantom rocket project called "New Glenn". SpaceX had to make orbit with the Falcon-1 on it's 4th attempt BEFORE it got money from NASA. Like you said, Blue Origin has been unable/unwilling to even attempt to put anything into orbit. A lot of things really stink about Jeff Bezos' claims regarding his supposed space ambitions. He needs to put up or shut up. I'm at least as sick of his lies as you are or maybe even more.

  15. Well personalty I blame congress for most of the Fuckups in America, not just in human space flight but the support of Chinese communist, screwing up our manufacturing base as well as a whole host of other problems created by their incompetent approach. As far as Lockheed Martian goes as well as Boeing they are all cons and thieves looting the US taxpayer and ALL THEIR contracts should be canceled as far as I can see. Blue Origin may suck, but those companies suck ass far worse as I can see.

  16. Jeff is a clever guy. He knows (from Boeing and others) that the best (safest) way to suck up tax money is to go slow and wait for government policy to change with each new administration. In this ideal situation there is never a need to fly any hardware or worse astronauts. NASA knows this as well. The Blue Origin fits this perfectly and even shares the love (money) with other contractors. NASA and it’s contractors court a cold over STS and never got over it. PS love the channel.

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