WTA Webinar – Growth Opportunities in Satellite Cellular Integration


Satellite and cellular networking technologies have evolved in parallel over decades to create conditions for significant growth in the satellite backhaul business. Once confined primarily to fulfilling regulatory requirements to serve remote areas and supporting government disaster relief efforts, satellite backhaul is now widely viewed as a commercially viable business that can help the data-centric cellular industry continue its worldwide expansion.
In this webinar, subject-matter experts representing satellite service and technology providers, WTA will examine how satellite and cellular have converged to create this opportunity, and characterize the noteworthy trends, markets and challenges ahead.


Robert Bell, Executive Director, WTA
Randall Barney, Director of Certification & Membership, WTA


Michele Di Paolo, Director of BD and PLM, SpaceBridge
Germán Pérez, Product and Solutions Design Director, AXESS Networks
Ronald Busch, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations, ABS Global
Richard Swardh, SVP Premium Enterprise & Mobile Operators, Comtech Satellite Network Technologies

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