Wow! Elon Musk Lost $30 Billion Overnight


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  1. I remember when my ENTIRE B9DY shut down and took that walk to the light til THE VOICE with most authority I ever heard said get back its not his time yt waking up with Dr and Nurses sayin they almost lost me one thisng among most I bring back is the robe I had on WITHOUT ANY pockets…..or possession I had with the LAST LOVE FOR MY FAMILY NOT WANTING TO LEAVE THEM. Soooo 30 GAZILLION isn't anything to me.. But my soul and my family… IS!!!! He's good…

  2. When money isn’t backed by anything, these unfathomable numbers are being talked about. 30 billion dollars is a lot to have, let alone to lose. But if anyone can be nonchalant about losing that kinda money it’s Elon Musk.

  3. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with investing in the stock market but I've realized that I can't depend on it. The financial market is unstable and possibly rigged. All I can do is continue to work, save and depend on the creator. Like Malcolm X said, "know thyself and do forself"

  4. When you can afford to lose $30 billion, I can't afford to feel sorry for you. Not that I am in any way envious of his wealth, I'm just more concerned with people who because of C19 can't afford to eat, heat their homes, or pay their bills.

  5. Those are not considered traditional investments from what I get to understand. Basically they speculated, and when the other participants get wind of the strategy they ganged upon the capital investment company that fronted millions in seed money, tried to manipulate, the others called the bluff and left the investment company hanging, kinda like shorting the tax as the term is described.
    In other words the guarantor backed a participant or participants that got jacked. in the deal.

  6. Bezos, Lol. Bezos from is it a cloud sourcing company?He since resigned his position. The rival company to Microsoft cloud sourcing company. I am still procrastinating which one I might take my class with.

  7. A prelude to what's to come. Tiger Woods' latest "wreck" was tied to the next disaster being a famine. I watch two different gemantria channels: "simple truth TV," and "gemantria effect news/sports," the stuff they relay to you will blow your mind about "conspiracies." Events like covid, the South freezing, Kobe's death, presidential elections and so forth are done to relay a messages to us for what's to come.

  8. I watch Person of Interest as well. Yes, the machine so called randomly chooses/shows people who could be a perpetrator or victim. Big Brother/Sister is always watching. These movies/TV programs has "truth in jest".

  9. Musk is a good man…. he is outspoken against a lot of bs. They're going after him….

    He has spoken out against market manipulators aka juewz… the sneaky money grubbing ones

  10. Y'all Pleease Dnt Feed into This Crap They Are Desperate To Trying To Crash The Stock Market So That They Can Open Up They're Digital Microchips and The Digital Form ☝? And Guess ☝? Who's On It's Way To Destroy These Assholes! "THE MOST HIGH GOD"

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