William Shatner's trip to space revisited in these Blue Origin highlights


Blue Origin NS-18 crew William ‘Captain Kirk’ Shatner, Audrey Powers, Chris Boshuizen an d Glen de Vries launched to space atop a New Shepard rocket on Oct. 13, 2021. See the highlights and hear Shatner describe the life-changing experience. — William Shatner moved to tears by space launch with Blue Origin:

Credit: Blue Origin

  1. Shatner's response was mind blowing with such graceful words and meaningful words. It hit me deep but also made me think of something not in a joking way but in a realistic sense. When man first learned that he could ride a horse, when man first invented the automobile, when man first learned to fly and now with man first learning that traveling in space will be a possibility and is a reality. To see his reaction just made me think of our history and how there must of been other people who must of had such profound words and had such similar experiences. Man kind really has had some touching and heart hearing moments. Just feels amazing to be alive some days and very grateful.

  2. William Shatner, got to see GOD awesome wonder up close and in person, to see the stars flung, and the darkness of space stretch out like a curtain and planet earth suspended in the deep. Yep he was moved to tears, but he missed giving GOD the glory 🙏🏾. So I'm giving it to HIM.

  3. William Shatner Boldly Went Where No 90-Year-Old Man Has Gone Before…
    Congratulations to Mr. Shatner for demonstrating that "you are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream."

  4. Totally awesome Shatner finally did it. I hope to ride with him in space one day .. it's omg it's oh Jesus.

  5. So happy for Bill Shatner to finally visit space. Warp speed ahead to the heavens and beyond!!

  6. Earth is so fragile it moves me to tears. I know…….lets get everyone out there to see it and waste gallons of rocket fuel in doing so. Im sure the fragile planet you cry about loves that idea. The world is fucked and its these people that are shafting it.

  7. Yulia Perisild is a trained Roscosmos Cosmonaut who flew to the ISS for her country, and performed a mission. Tom Cruise plans to train as a NASA/SPACEX astronaught to fly to the ISS for a mission. This Roscosmos and SpaceX 'competitor' Blue Origin provides brief suborbital tourist probes that do not advance mans ability to expand into the cosmos as an interplanetary species while causing massive grrenhouse-gas pollution. Shame on you Blue Origin.

  8. Funny how they cut off the video right before jeff bezos shows who he is as a person, cuts off william mid sentence to ignore him and pop a champagne bottle. Dude doesn't care, like 'publicity stunt over, stop talking to me'

  9. While others are playing with weightlessness Shatner wondered about our planet. This says enough about this great guy.

  10. I don't see how anyone can criticize that experience of a lifetime for Shatner. They men was moved to tears by that experience, how could anyone hate on that? I'm so happy for him. That experience should be on everyone's bucket list.

  11. Looks like it hits the ground pretty hard. And they didn't show bozos cutting off Kirk in mid-dialogue

  12. Eu fico extremamente apaixonada de vê essas imagem gosto muito sim eu tivesse oportunidade de ir vê de perto ficaria muito feliz

  13. From other things I've seen of WS I got the impression that he was having a difficult time coming to terms with his mortality. I'm glad he's gotten to experience going to space and has done Storyfile Life ❤️

  14. Anyone else tear up with Bill's emotional description of what he just experienced?

  15. William finally at advance age gets a ride on a B. O capsule to view this planet from Space. It means fiction an entertainment are just that.. no more. Relate this to today's Politics. Growing larger than life in fiction and the fictional.

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