William Shatner Travels to Space on Jeff Bezos’ Intergalactic Wienermobile


William Shatner became the oldest person to go to space today after Blue Origin sent up their second round civilian passengers, Jeff Bezos welcomed him back to Earth and they shared a special moment, state run media in North Korea broadcast a defense exhibition where soldiers did their best to dazzle Kim Jong Un, Halloween is coming up and people across the country have started decorating, airlines are refusing to follow Texas Governor Gregg Abbott’s vaccine mandate ban, a Louisiana zoo is giving out vaccines to animals, health experts are warning that cold weather could ramp things up again as people move indoors, and we look back a year ago this week in a new edition of “This Week in COVID History”

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  1. They should have beamed up the goofy women that was talking loudly when trying to film Shatner she has the voice and laugh that makes the average person want to commit a crime!

  2. Thank you for showing Bezos blowing Shatner off. No other talk show I've seen showed that. Girls and champagne came first. Absolute disgrace. But honestly space travel will eventually become so quotidian and mundane that, I get it, the Overview Effect won't even exist anymore. But at least have a modicum of respect and politeness for crying out loud. Either way, BO and Virgin Galactic pale compared to SpaceX. 3 minutes in space 😂🤦🏻‍♂

  3. what a laugh. bezos is prob losing sleep right now because they said elon would be the first trillionaire

  4. I thought the Shatner emo scene with Bezos was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen reported.

  5. Billy-2-shats was about to say something profound… and bezos interrupted him to spray Champaign on some cougars… ‘Mercia!

  6. Lol Bozos offers champagne to Shatner who's a recovering alcoholic who also lost his wife to alcoholism. When that didn't work Bozos just decided to spray Shatner with the champagne instead.

  7. did you notice 5 people laugned outta 100 in that audiance at kimmel joke about his testicles dude kimmel dont disrepect him… it wasnt funny

  8. And yet Kimmel will be getting around on a walker if he even makes it to 90 years old still hanging on to his network's sausage trying to stay relevant!

  9. Having abortions on the plane and using the fetus for the vaccine. Yes! Sounds about right!!!

  10. I love how Guillermo's cure-all is Tequila!!! He can do literally ANYTHING as long as he has his Tequilla!!!

  11. Is that rocket compensating for something? Have you ever seen a more phallic rocket? I guess if you are a multi-billionnaire you still can't get a bigger willy.

  12. Remember when Amazon forced him to resign before he went, must be real safe. Wait till they hit an asteroid or alien ship…

  13. After spending literally billions on space, and the best they came back with was…you can go up and back down. Thank taxpayers' money hard at work and complacency of waste. Shame on these people.

  14. I've never liked Bezos and this did nothing to change my mind. He should stay in space and leave Earth alone.

  15. It's cool to see an icon of a legendary TV show pretend to travel in space actually go and experience that but this is nothing but a rich guy carnival ride

  16. The entire reception upon landing was very poorly planned. Event manager should be fired. The amount of $$ on this endeavor and the amount of coverage received should have warranted much much more! Shame on Blue Origin for the crappy presentation and representation of what is fitting for something of this magnitude.

  17. Can’t believe Bezos interrupted Shatner only to offer him a bottle of Champaign (he is a recovered alcoholic) then proceed to spray it everywhere then throw it on the ground.

  18. All you guys hating on Jeff, yes his behaviour was not alright but remember he sent Shatner to space for free.

  19. i love how everyone in the comment section is so digusted with J.B. behaviour. And yet you still sit there and order your chinese crap from amazon. I'm laughing harder than I should

  20. Well happy for you guys and if this gonna become a thing…well my life will be shortened by the damages they will be doing all the time to the ozone layer

  21. Where are all the climate activist???Oh it's ok for the rich to burn fossil fuels for a joy ride but the rest of us…have to jump through hoops to be green!!!You think any politician is going to downsize or get rid of a mansion?No they will tax and mandate us in 1000 sq feet homes…their closets are bigger than that..it's ridiculous and you all fall for the BS

  22. What's the CO2 footprint (including all ground support) for each flight? Space tourism is so wrong, IMHO. And those fawning announcers were indeed North Korean in spirit.

  23. Hey Jeff Bezos, how about free shipping for the little guy, instead of burning up $$millions on "fun" rides?

  24. Shatner got how he treats his biggest fans. I have watched him treat fans like trash and it sucks.

  25. More RICH people going to space. Bill deserved it, but if you can't fly the rocket, you are NOT an astronaut, you're a tourist.

  26. dont make fun with Shatner., have you listen to what he say? its a wakeup call to protect our planet!

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