William Shatner Reacts To Seeing Earth From Space: ‘It’s So Fragile’


At the age of 90, “Star Trek” actor William Shatner made history Wednesday when he and three others were launched into space on a Blue Origin rocket. “I was overwhelmed with the experience of looking at death and looking at life,” he tells TODAY. “The whole thing was indescribable.”

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  1. He was looking out the window because he saw someone out there messing with the exterior panels.

  2. "They should have sent a poet." William Shatner is just that. Beautiful words from the man.

  3. Earth….fragile???? I don't think so….God is the Almighty, Alpha, Omega,and Creator!!!! He knew what he was doing!!

  4. You sir are a legend! – am glad you didn’t see a thing on the wing! 😉 – Mr Shatner may you boldly go where no man has gone before! 👍👏👏👏

  5. Fitting closure to William Shatner's golden years. The man who helped bring starship travel to us on screen, finally made it to space.

  6. I can't believe people believe this story. It's beyond fake. Nothing and nobody can go into outer space. That would be a Second Law of Thermodynamics violation.

  7. Has he been replaced by one of those robots?? That can't be him. Must be an impostor…Someone help me out wouldn't he be like 100 and something??

  8. This guy is probably going to live to 130 years old. He looks and acts like he could be 50.😂

  9. There are no words to describe how awesome this is! Way to go, Mr. Shatner! Capt. Kirk Lives!

  10. It's interesting how he kept saying that up in space everything above him was death. This coming from a guy who fictitiously exploded new life and new civilizations.

  11. Nothing will change the mind of the doubters who see the Universe as a creation due to chance. The evidence is overwhelming it wasn't an accident.

  12. Imagine if William and Leonard nimoy rip went together , how awesome that would’ve been!!!

  13. Can you believe these two guys have so much money that they can finance their own space program?!

    Meanwhile 40% of Americans can afford a $400 emergency expense.

    Plus they ask us to use less gas and electric while they burn all the fuel they want.

  14. I am so glad someone so eloquent as William Shatner was able to travel into space and make crystal clear the thinness of our atmosphere and the implied fragility of the biosphere that covers our entire precious blue planet.

  15. Why did they let him speak more on saving the earth…….. they’re bought and paid for by Military Industrial Complex & big oil.

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