Will Starlink Work in a Forest?


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Today I test if Starlink will work in a forest with a ton of obstructions around. Can you even get internet here? If so, is it enough to game, live stream, or work remotely off of? Find out in this video!

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0:00 Epic Intro
0:38 What to know about Starlink & The Forest
1:35 Starlink obstruction Test
3:25 ROG Flow X13
4:00 Starlink Forest Speed Test
5:24 Gaming on Starlink in a Forest
7:03 Closing Thoughts

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  1. Aaww shie the app is already existing. Cool cool Hopefully when we buy starlink they gonna upgrade cause canada is full of forests xd

  2. Have you ever thought about live streaming on Youtube? I don't use Twitch and don't really want to use it just to watch you game, but would definitely watch you if you made a new channel (or use current channel) on YouTube.

  3. So a few things I was disappointed in

    1. Trees, whilst yes are obstructions, you were parked in a clearing with clear line of sight to the sky. So the trees aren't as obstructive as had they been hanging over your van.

    2. I didn't see you try pointing the sat dish in the direction of the satelittes. Common misconception is pointing straight up will give you connectivity and the best settings for satellite communications. This isn't the case. If you knoe the satelitte orbats to the south of you, align it to the south.

    3. Did you try changing servers at all? Or just go the stock standard one you were put into? Reason I ask is I have played with a hotspot (in the bush) with a ping of 250 previously and not been disconnected. It's all about changing to the best server for your area.

    You might’ve done some of these without mentioning in the video, but there is no reason why you shouldn't have been able to game with 10x the download/upload I did with satellite internet.

  4. Great vid as always man i can see the reason why this is your job, your damn good at making high quality content man keep it going

  5. Great informative test of starlink in the wilderness. I didn't realize that was Millie at first at 7:22 lol, I thought a wild animal was casually strolling behind you.

  6. A lot of people forget that the disconnecting in streaming things like FPS games on Starlink will come when the satellites swap your connection over as they pass by. It's sort of like a handshake between the satellites that has to complete before you can continue the packets.

  7. Eyy, not quite there with the forestry 😅

    Could perhaps use some form of pole installation like you showed in the last Starlink video but one that has a telescope ability, kind of like those telescope ladders many vanlifers have.

    Would also be slick to see how Starlink performs (with better visibility ofc :D) when game streaming using something like Xbox Cloud Gaming – that I think would be like the ultimate test. Cause you wouldn't need a powerhungry gaming PC at that point, so for a vanlifer with a smaller battery setup it could work wonders – some laptops can do 15+ hours and game streaming I think draws about the same power as watching videos if only slightly more.

  8. hey man. when are going to do another livestream?. you could test out how starlink does and we could all hangout out and party hardy lol.

  9. Starlink’s worst enemy is a tropical rainstorm. I am pretty disappointed really. I was convinced by other Starlink videos that because of the low earth orbit that it wasn’t an issue. Wrong, big issue. My connection was out for at least 20-30 minutes today & same nearly every day this time of year in SW Florida. However long it’s storming, the signal is gone. I can’t help but think it would be bad news in Seattle or those type areas too. Am I wrong?

  10. I am really curious if something like WoW would work or not on this type of connection. Awesome video though!

  11. This is still really good. No need to play online games when you are camping like this, but being able to download movies, offline games, send/rec emails/messages etc is nice.

  12. have you thought about trying different games besides Overwatch to test the gaming??

  13. We do a lot of camping in the Sawtooth National Forest to shoot astrophotography. All you see when you look up are starlkink satellites ruining the night sky and the Milky Way. ✨ Kind of sucks actually. 😢

  14. Let's say Elon Musk wanted to interview a Starlink customer, so he decided to meet you in the forest for a day to talk about Starlink, Telsa, SpaceX, etc. Would you be interested in interviewing Elon Musk? It'll be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the guy who is always pushing the limits of technology.

  15. I can't wait till starlink is available in my area. The internet where I live is really subpar and its in the woods so no one's running fiber optic out here any time soon.

  16. The good news is that there is STILL some internet in the middle of nowhere. Maybe the best games to play with those obstructions would be single player games 😅
    Love the video Trent, great job!

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