Will Starlink need ground stations with laser link satellites?


Starlink is planning it’s first launch in months for September 13th.
What is Starlink’s mission?
Simply put, many communities across our country and the world still lack access to reliable connectivity. Starlink aims to close the digital divide by providing innovative, cost-effective and spectrum efficient satellite system.
There are 8 antennas at the Starlink ground station in Utah, other close ones are in Evanston, Wyoming and Panaca, Nevada.
These gateway stations only communicate with satellites that are visible on the horizon above a minimum elevation angle, which could be as low as 25 degrees.
SpaceX has deployed a total of 1,740 satellites to low Earth orbit out of over 12,000 it plans to deploy.
In mid-August, SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell spoke at the 36th Annual Space Symposium and explained why the company stopped Falcon 9 Starlink missions.
Shotwell says they’ve been rushing to complete manufacturing the first batches of next-generation satellites equipped with laser communication links.
Shotwell also said on August 24 that the next Starlink mission is “roughly three weeks” away, so this West Coast launch scheduled for September could be the first to deploy an entire fleet of next-generation satellites.
Also interesting, SpaceX has not launched a rocket from the West Coast since November 2020.
The next launch will be from Vandenberg Space Force Base. It will be the first Starlink mission launched from California.
The mission’s assigned name, ‘Starlink 2-1,’ is different than previous Starlink missions.
We don’t know much about the name change, but we can speculate that it has to do with it being SpaceX’s first West Coast Starlink mission that will deployed into different orbital parameters.
Maybe its hinting that SpaceX will launch the first entire fleet of the next-generation Starlink ‘Gen2 System’ satellites.
Elon Musk said via Twitter, ‘Data packets do not need to touch regular Internet – data can flow from user terminal to satellite/s to user terminal.’

The aviation and maritime sectors, both military and commercial, offer huge potential markets for Starlink that can only be tapped with laser linking. The cross-links are the key to getting truly lower latency than fiber-optic cable, especially over long distances.

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  1. Will you ask starlink my question I live in northern Canada British Columbia in between 2 mountains will it work here

  2. I had a proper look today and I found the first one back in 2008, so I don't need the link now thanks.

  3. Wow wow! Incredibly informative as always… keep up the spirited investigative journalism and reporting. Definitely have my vote for a Peabody award! Thank you for doing this.

  4. Not trying to be ‘that person’ but the new laser linked are intended to be over Alaska. This is only a couple months old information.

  5. Love the bloopers! Suggestion…an adjustable wind screen for the camera mic. Kinda like a Pop screen. Might help. If it's not a camera mic,… large weighted tripod screen that doesn't block the lighting. Pretty in that dress!

  6. You moved to ground station to get better Starlink connectivity? Wow! Way to follow through on your priorities.

  7. On waiting list since March in far northcentral Texas. Don't have any options other than hotspot phone with very poor service. Hurry up Starlink.

  8. We always need ground stacions to conect to fiber internet But the ground stacions need upgrade ka band it's not enought in a world of petabytes of data

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