Will SpaceX's Starlink help the people of Tonga?


Will Starlink help the people in Tonga? The answer is, maybe. Elon Musk tweeted, asking if Starlink could help. Hours later though, he cited how difficult providing that help actually is. It’s unclear if Starlink will be able to assist at this time. One of the limiting factors is that the Starlink satellite constellation is still incomplete, and to help this part of the globe, V2 satellites with inter-laser links are necessary.

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  1. After all the space junk is in orbit for internet service, to think that such a simple obstruction as a tree blocking or interfering with the connection seems really stupid. We HAVE internet access. To put up all that space junk in order to cover every square inch of the planet, run by one man, is a biblical proposition separating the living from the dead.

  2. I have no doubt SpaceX will do what they can. You didn't mention there is a Starlink launch this week and they can fly it anywhere it's needed.

  3. Thanks for sharing the explanation of why it is difficult for Starlink to provide service in the middle of the Pacific. Especially the point of needing to reroute satellites.

  4. I think Elon is to busy loading up his 886 million dollars in his starship from the covid sham to have any time to care about what is happening here on earth. I have got to get Mars before the rubes figure out what's going here.

  5. Some say people need fresh air, fresh water, and fresh food more than they need to support Facebook-Meta, Google-Alphabet-Youtube, and their corporate goals. Dry clothes and bedding are secondary.

  6. Here's a case for airships to make a return. They can act as autonomous relay stations in the sky, in addition to other use cases such as shipping, weather station, search and rescue, full time living, etc.

  7. Thanks again for good stuff.
    I would imagine that Elon will come up with something interesting.

  8. I love deep throats and I wonder if in tonga there are many? because otherwise, the eyes of the satellites will not see anything! MDR

    J'adore les gorges profondes et je me demande si au tonga il y en a beaucoup ? car autrement, les yeux des satellites ne verrons rien ! MDR

  9. Hmm, my comment disappeared for some reason. Nice video. Another possibility, they might use Raoul Island – a tiny island about half-way between Tonga and New Zealand. Its part of the Kermedecs which is a very protected nature reserve, but does have "Raoul Island Station" which handles some radio traffic. It would probably need significant power (solar & battery?) and of course ground station upgrades – as well as permits for radio, environment etc.

  10. Yes a good idea to use starlink but hard to do plus the Volcano is still active if it erupted again and put another Ash cloud up into the air depending on weather this could block starlink signals nothing is easy about the situation think Ellon was trying to help but the enormity of the situation is complicated even for him thoughts and prayers for the people of Tonga
    Good reporting Ellie

  11. Thank you Elli. I think Elon made a public relations mistake. If you can't help right now, better say nothing.

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