Wild Things Tesla Drivers Do On Autopilot


Since the Tesla autopilot hit the market, drivers have posted videos doing all sorts of things, except actually driving. Why not play games, eat snacks, or even take a nap when the car can drive itself? Over the years, Inside Edition has met with drivers who leave their feet out the window, or sit in the passenger seat while their Teslas were in autopilot. Our cameras showed one driver almost caught by the police for riding in the back when he should have been behind the wheel. .

  1. Whoever see this comment I’m encouraging you to get right with God before it’s too late and repent of your sins. Have a bless and wonderful day. Amen??❤️?

  2. This is just stupid just because you have auto pilot doesn’t mean you should entrust your life in it. There have been many times we’re auto pilot wasn’t sufficient. At 5:56 is it seriously called “Stark Solutions” like Tony Stark iron man.

  3. I hope if any of them get in to an accident that they die a painful death while the other car gets not a single bruise

  4. How do you tell everyone you’re rich without telling them you’re rich:
    They took my Tesla, so I bought another Tesla

  5. If you have a Tesla eventually you have to put your hands on the wheel a warning will pop up and the car will automatically stop if you don’t touch your wheel once it’s over.

  6. this isn’t real here is why, Tesla has an auto brake system and it takes 10 seconds when your hands aren’t on the steering wheel for 10 seconds.

  7. I saw a Model Y driver who added weights onto the wheel just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Was having a good time on social media. I passed them ASAP.

  8. This is worst than drunk driving. Should be held to the same degree of punishment. Actually, cops should pull a george floyd on tesla driver abusing autopilot. Hahaha.

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