Why Top Talents Left Blue Origin For SpaceX ?


A lot of Top Talents Left Blue Origin For SpaceX recently.
Despite Blue Origin’s recent success, at least 17 top employees have left the company so far this year with many of them joining SpaceX.
And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get better any time soon as Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is losing some of its best and most talented employees to Elon Musk’s SpaceX.
According to an update on LinkedIn, the team’s lead engineer behind Blue Origin’s lunar lander is leaving the company to join SpaceX.
Blue Origin has not always been the company everyone hates.
Blue Origin filed the company’s complaint before the award but lost to SpaceX and ULA in 2020 anyway.
When Blue Origin started undermining plans and the technical side of SpaceX’s proposal, it was too much for the employees.
According to CNBC and CNN, more than a dozen high-ranking engineers have resigned from Blue Origin in recent weeks, with many joining the ranks of rival companies such as SpaceX.
Nitin Arora was one of Blue Origin’s lead engineers who left the aerospace manufacturer to join its main competitor SpaceX.
Nitin Arora was allegedly working on Blue Origin’s moon lander at the time of his departure.
In light of SpaceX winning the contract with NASA, Blue Origin announced that it had filed a lawsuit against the US government, claiming that unlawful and improper evaluation of the proposals was involved in the decision to grant SpaceX the contract.
Initially, NASA said it was going to pick two companies out of Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Dynamics, but it only chose one.
The attempts by Blue Origin to defame SpaceX with infographics were not approved by many of the employees, which was a strong factor in them leaving the company.
If Blue Origin doesn’t get its act together quickly, it could be seeing a more drastic decrease in the number of employees soon, maybe if Bezos put more effort into holding the company together.
Or do you think Blue Origin is doomed to stay in SpaceX’s shadow?
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  1. Jerk Bozo is shooting his own foot with his groundless and preposterous lawsuits. He's a screwed-up space ball.

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