Why The Heck Is Elon Musk in RESIDENT EVIL 5?!?

First tesla cars and now ZOMBIE WORMS?? What can’t he do
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  1. Just a quick tip Prod, you can do a quick turn by hitting back the the run button at once. It makes it a lot easier to turn and shoot/run. I'm glad you guys are playing one of my favorite games in the RE series and I'm thoroughly enjoying this playthrough

  2. I swear Irving has one of the worst RE transformations. Tf was he planning to do after he killed Chris and Sheva? Swim around the African outback with stage 5 cancer for ever? Lady Luck spat in this man's face

  3. It's common knowledge that Africans are immune to shotguns.
    It all begun in the maji maji rebellion ?
    As an Kenyan, I can say that this is very accurate. Especially the fact that we are being robbed by bats

  4. wow i actiallly got this in my recommended! i’m so happy, youtube hadn’t been recommending your vids for a while!

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