Why the Blue Origin lawsuit CAN'T stop the SpaceX Lunar Starship!! (Or slow it down)


The Angry Astronaut explains why Jeff’s lawsuit will do nothing to hold up Lunar Starship!!

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Tank Farm Issues

  1. The logistics for all that fuel is huge problem… why are we not using Falcons? The BFR -Star Ship is too complicated and untested, how did Apollo do it ?

  2. Jeff spend time just geting your precious time back to space mining mine precious metals in space technology needs building technologies for space cowboy's like yourself did you know that long-term expansion for man in space is harmful to man's health doe to radiation and bone loss go to the future reinvention of technology Jeff its in medicine radiation medicine we now have technologies that grows bone and the bone has properties that stave off cancer bone its technically's possible today for man that literally is growth of bones and its capabilities are astounding you can learn from this experience and take your Place in the process you have the resources at your fingertips look also to articles on artificial organs that work the next boom will be these things getting pushed organs the human body won't reject that work better than the real thing and to have them monitored by a team of experts to look into its the next gold rush mentioned artificial lungs that can breath and programmable by you even in a vacuum of space technology needs funding shoul be open corsed information for all look into this have a nice day

  3. Wondering what people think about Space Junk , especially with private enterprise involved in satellites & possible Moon , Mars missions & the lack of oversight & the possibility of the Keslier effect & denying spacecraft to work in Earth's orbit safely , or at least at much higher risk .
    There's no regulation & the recently discovered satellite collision that was discovered between 2 large satellites is in my thinking .
    Reusable spacecraft is a start but regulation is desperately needed with Private industry & Chinese rockets adding to the problem .
    Interested in thoughts

  4. I hear that the NASA Space Suits for Artemis are still in developmental stage. Up to another year or two is needed to get things right. Delays on Rocket Hardware now have some more time for testing and adjustment, which can only be a good thing.

  5. No hate intended, just offering a bit of advice. Please consider upgrading your voice recording equipment. It sounds terrible. Also don't speak so closely into the microphone. I enjoy the content, but your vocal levels are giving me a splitting headache :/

  6. Regardless of it's capability, the ridiculous amount of refueling trips needed sounds like a terrible idea and that many launches increases the risk of failure for the mission as a whole…

  7. I don't think you'd necessarily need to launch a dozen fuel tankers in rapid succession to fuel a starship in orbit. Instead, you could build an orbital fuel depot and fill that at your leisure. Or even better, ship dry ice and water to orbit, and use the Sabatier process to generate fuel using solar power.

  8. NASA will be extremely careful to NOT do anything that could even be perceived as "dumping" a Blue Origin proposal. Being litigious may make them a pain in the ass, but NASA can't and won't violate the FAR–because that would lead to a successful BO protest.

  9. A big problem with the current starship design is that during the journey to Mars the propellant will boil off on route. Which means no fuel to land on Mars.
    Also using a aero brake to slow down isn't good enough. The ship needs to slowdown, enter Mars orbit, and then land. A ship that large, that heavy, and traveling that fast needs to do so.

  10. Great vid angry – you have just pointed out the monstrous flaw in Elon's Lunar plan.
    Way back in the early days of Apollo there was a huge disagreement between Walter Von Braun and Buzz Aldrin. Von Braun wanted a direct earth-lunar-earth rocket. What Buzz quickly worked out was that it had to be massive.

    The advantage of the LOR Apollo system was that they only needed to fly the CSM back from the moon. What ever mass you want to bring back has to be flown there including the fuel. That makes things bigger and more mass means more fuel in the first place.
    Don Pettit calls this the "Tyranny of the Rocket Equation." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWjdnvYok4I

    The smart way forward is to have a very simple very basic lunar gateway that allows vehicles to be docked, resupplied and refueled.
    It would greatly simplify the lunar landers because they would only need to go from orbit to surface and back.
    It would greatly simplify the vehicles that go from LEO to the moon and back because they don't need to land on the moon or re-enter earth atmosphere.
    It means the Earth to LEO rockets only need to fly up and back. They wont need to fly to the moon or land on the moon.

    In engineering (like many other fields) there's the KISS principle. Keep it Simple Stupid.
    Apollo worked because they broke the problem down into tasks that were doable.
    The Space Shuttle was in many ways a failure because it tried to be everything.
    SLS has been a failure because its tried to do too many things in too many complex ways.

  11. Scott Manley has reported that Blue Origin Methane/Oxygen rockets are going to be replacing the Atlas and Delta rockets. Space X's engines use Kerosene engines and generate a huge amount of toxic exhaust. This may put Blue Origin in the lead.

  12. "…betrayed those people's legacy by never going back"? You contempt for the safety of astronauts is disturbing. NASA considered the risks with the technology they had then (they know them better than you do), the need (or lack of) to have an human presence on the moon, and decided it was not worth risking lives. Who are you to think you know better?

    And Elon Musk is a fool, his dream of making a permanent colony to mars proves it. That planet is poor in energy, ensuring that no colony will ever be self-sufficient, and the low gravity alone will ensure any human up there will have brittle bones decease in a matter of months. To believe he can make it viable because you buy into the hype is to adhere in scientism.

  13. I've lost ALL respect for Jeff, only the most petty sore loser would want every competitor to stop work, because "ITS NOT FAIR! WHY DOESNT ANYONE WANT MYYYY DUMB ROCKET!!!??" How can you have that much resources at your disposal, and still be a lame loser?

  14. Yep, all of this is completely fair, they've got a TOOON of work to do at Starport to even pretend to do what Elon is saying he's going to get done. I think they CAN…. but it'll be a herculean effort, and they're known for those.

    But rushing like that tends to cause problems. So yep, I agree here.

  15. Also you seem to be unaware of SpaceX's plans for rapid relaunching of their Starships, they will not need days or weeks as you mentioned, but plan to only need about an hour between each launch. Therefore you could probably have all necessary orbital refuelling done in a couple of days, pending weather of course.

  16. SpaceX do already have a deluge system in place and ready to go. It's built into the orbital launch table, all they need is to hook it up to a water supply. Regarding the GSE tanks, how do you know that any of them haven't been tested yet, and why do you think that testing them would be any kind of roadblock when we know they are all built out of the same steel rings that Starships are made out of, which have been shown to cope with both cryo temperatures and extreme pressure already.

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