Why SpaceX Is Dropping A Starship In The Water


Let’s take a closer look at Starship’s orbital flightpath!!

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Have you heard the latest SpaceX News? Let’s talk about Why SpaceX Is Dropping A Starship In The Water

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  1. Deimos is the sea platform they have in Brownsville and IMO that is the most likely one they’ll use to land SH. They do not need to completely convert that platform at all. They only need to strip it down to its base then pave it over with a concrete pad for the orbital test flights.

    Elon said a few months back that one would be in “limited” operation during the latter half of this year. This is the most likely outcome that he implied.

    Remember commenters here: Super Heavy still will be using legs to land. If they wanted a sea landing, that implies that they would not have any other method of landing it. If they are going to land it in the sea, why would they even bother adding legs anyway?

  2. Yeah starship cannot land exactly on the launch pad after a single orbit because earth has spin relative to the orbital plane, but if it stays a day on orbit can do it.

  3. I think it makes perfect sense for spaceX to land both the starship and superheavy in the water, that way a failure does not result in the destruction of a very expensive converted oil rig.

  4. Ok I subbed to help you out. I need help, I want to go to Mars when it is considered the highest risk. Seriously. What skill can an old grunt try to learn to be useful for something other than rocket fodder? Seriously any and all comments are requested and welcome. There is a crane school near to me, will cranes be a first wave? Farmer?

  5. Everyday Astronaut videos are.. Ok… They're just too long & filled with a lot of cringy excited laughter in awkward moments that really don't require laughing at all.

  6. The super heavy booster will land in the water. SpaceX wants to test the ability of the system to run a sample mission without waiting for, and risking destruction of, their super heavy catcher.

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