Why so many SpaceX Starhopper FAA NOTAM’s?


SpaceX is waiting for FAA Safety Approval before they can launch their 200m Starhopper flight test, but why are there so many FAA NOTAM’s if they don’t have FAA approval yet? Let’s dive into that here! #SpaceX #Starhopper #NOTAM

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  1. Yes a TFR is much larger scale than a high altitude balloon NOTAM, but the concept is the same. SpaceX can just request an airspace reservation. There's honestly not a whole lot more steps needed to issue a TFR. TFRs typically need 1 to 5 days notice.

  2. I'm a new sub, great explanation in a field I'm not familiar with, thanks. I don't think the Starhopper is going to fly, it might hop, once. I hope it won't be a diversion from some other news coming out at the same time. Anyway, great video!

  3. Your public speaking skill is outstanding. It is so easy to understand and follow you, even if I am just listening and not watching the video the entire time. Superb job Tory!

  4. Sounds to me like they don't want any more bush fires like last time. SpaceX were slow to respond and if a 200m flight starts lots of fires there is a real hazard to people and wildlife.

  5. Thanks. This helped explain why the FAA seems to jerking SpaceX around on this. I hope it's legitimate safety concerns and not some competitor to SpaceX influencing things.

  6. I suppose an AFTS trigger at 200m (and/or below) is not much difference to having a kaboom on the ground… Thats probably why its taking a while to get stuff sorted.

  7. Love this explanation! Very informative. Also love the explanation of terms in your reply to the Notam question/alienese. Even though I’ve heard you make the call a dozen times I never understood the terminology. Ha.

  8. Why not building a 200m wall around the StarHopper with flashing lights and boards with a danger print on it 😉

    And of course we ll put an employee waving a flag every meter so maybe FAA would be ok 😉

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