Why I won't be getting Starlink RV – DV4

Let have a little catchup chat about Tech in my van & how it’s all working, the biggest thing I get asked is how it the wifi working, is EE still working ok in Europe AND then I get asked when are you getting Starlink? So let’s chat about those topics…

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  1. Good old flannel wash,my husband had his leg amputated two weeks ago and not being able to get upstairs to the bathroom he enjoys his daily flannel wash.

  2. Hi John hope your well can I ask how much data you use on your cctv per month
    Thanks stevie

  3. Thinknn no I need to bite the bullet & get the m1 nighthawk …. & the EE card …. It will pay in the long run I think , great video , missed the ‘gadget’ vids although there’s plenty back catalogue to watch 👍

  4. No beer for a long time, that's not good, a cold beer is medison I say. 🤔😅

  5. Got to say you are looking happier absolutely love your channel keep up the great work

  6. Seems the ones who like Starlink are the ones in real remote places, Canada, Australia etc, I tend to agree with you John it’s expensive👍

  7. @Gadget John How do you transfer and eventually save your video projects and files? You must be accumulating quite a bit of megs.

  8. My friend has Starlink near Forfar north of Dundee and it works fine. So it’s getting there

  9. I’m with you John, EE works great everywhere we have been and generally pretty decent as you say, saves quite a bit of money per year compared to other options, 5G seems to be getting more widespread too.
    I bought a Three 5G MiFi as a backup but haven’t used it as yet.
    Hope you get the cruise control adjustment done.
    All the best, David 👍

  10. I too filter and fridge all my drinking water, won’t drink straight from the tap. Pop has to be near frozen too. I even put my chilled water in a flask type bottle for bed to keep it cold all night.

  11. Yes star link IS a good idea but it has to work plus cost of things for van life have to be kept low plus everything has to earn its out lay

  12. Thanks John. I live in rural Scotland with no broadband whatsoever. Had satellite internet for past seven years. Not starlink, it has been ok. I have just cancelled it because EE now works in the house. Much faster and lots cheaper. Stay well and safe travels. All the best. 👍🐾🚐🐾😎

  13. I’m about to watch this but, the reason why I’ll not be getting it, is because I wouldn’t give Elon the skin of my fart.

    Sorry, but I feel better for saying that.😉😂👍

  14. As mentioned, and I thought I would let you know my thoughts too. I like the format you have chosen for this channel, you look and sound so relaxed which for me means you are enjoying what you do, and I like the content. Well done John, keep it up 👍

  15. Do you libraries in Europe? Here in the U.S., one can walk into libraries in every community across the country and use free, high-speed WiFi for uploads. I say uploads, in particular, because most mobile internet service is focused on download and upload speeds are garbage.

  16. Loving this format John, it's showing a side of you we've only seen glimpses of before as normally we're the third person in the room. And although we all miss Mandy's funny comments and input, this format works really well for you, and maybe Mandy would find it easier to manage too. Brilliant. Cheers. 👋

  17. Be very careful re drone over water. My brothers a photographer and he sent his out over the sea with 80% battery. The drone however decided it had no battery and did an emergency landing into the water. £1500 into the drink, thankfully it was insured.

  18. Hi John, great info as usual, really loved the TDF tour. As to Starlink, I live in central belt of Scotland and recently installed it as my rural location is hopeless for conventional internet access. It’s just replaced my EE mobile router and is proving to be faster in both directions, around 100mbps down topping out at 200 plus down and 20-30 up. Outages are infrequent and only last a few seconds. It is expensive and you would need the ‘ mobile’ version which lowers your priority but as they launch more satellites it will get even better. Might be worth consideration in the near future. Keep up the great work 👍🏻

  19. Hello John hope you are well, I wondered what water 💦 filter that you use for drinking. As you may know fluoride is a problem which is no good for us what so ever. Our water from the taps are poisonous ☠️. How much does your filter remove do you know? And what make is it? I now use Zero water filter fantastic and tasty to.
    Have fun chat soon 🔜

  20. I’ve been on 3 network for couple of years £21 a month, but it does struggle a bit. I’ve now changed to EE wow what a difference up to 3 times faster all for £23 a month, it’s never failed me.

  21. As always John, informative no nonsense presentation. Many thanks and enjoy your travels…..cos I’m certainly doing so!