Why Engineers LEAVE Blue Origin and JOIN SpaceX!


SpaceX, Blue Origin and Elon Musk

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While #JeffBezos’ Blue Origin may have filed a lawsuit against #NASA for awarding the Human Landing System Contract to #SpaceX, the company has been losing several of its key engineers and leaders to SpaceX.

In July 2021, Jeff Bezos flew to space, and while it certainly was a big milestone, a shocking surprise was awaiting him on the ground. Several top talents have left the billionaire space founder’s space exploration company since Bezos came back to Earth.

News outlets have reported that as of late August at least 17 senior engineers and key leaders have left #BlueOrigin. Two of the engineers, Nitin Arora and Lauren Lyons soon announced that they had taken up positions at other space companies, which were SpaceX and Firefly Aerospace, respectively.

Nitin Arora was the lead engineer on Blue Origin’s space lander project and had been a part of the company for nearly three years. Some other departures as reported by CNBC, include New Shepard Senior Vice President, Steve Bennett, New Glen Senior Director Bob Ess, National Security Sales Director, Scott Jacobs, Senior Manager of production testing Christopher Payne, and Senior HLS Human Factors engineer, Rachel Forman.

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