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Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites aboard a Falcon 9. Another batch of 60 Starlink satellites to be launched in quick succession. Watch the video to know more.
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  1. Hope they have the capability of burning up properly if any of them fail? That's a lot of them launched out in orbit along with everything else orbiting up there!

  2. Gone are those days when Indians were not able to get high speed internet. Now the time has changed. The takers for starlink will be a small group those who stay in remote areas. It will be a success if they can get the price right.

  3. India is Atmanirbhar in case of satellites. Plus we sell satellites for commercial companies. If needed we can send 100s of our satellites to aid Internet connection, if we fix the technology.
    Foreign countries are trying to stall India's progress, so that they can continue stealing even our incomes in the name of selling us technology.

  4. Everyone be like Elon Musk is revolutionary ,until Elon Musk promotes something Chinese and Pakistan.

    India:Nah i knew he was no good from day1

  5. 1:14 The first batch of Starlink satellites launched in May 2019. In this small amount of time, SpaceX has launched 1145 Starlink satellites. They are launching almost 2 missions every month nowadays, each mission carrying 60 satellites. This is insane!!.. Yahan India mein saal mein 1-2 launch dekhneko mil jaaye bohot hai. For example, ISRO didn't have any launch in 2020, whereas SpaceX launched 26 missions during the pandemic, including 2 missions which carried 6 astronauts.
    SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket was first flown on 2010, & within just a decade, they have launched it 110 times, whereas ISRO could launch PSLV only 52 times, that too in 27 years. This shows, in the last decade, satellite manufacturers are showing more interest & booking their rides on SpaceX rocket because of their cheap launch price which they are able to do because of their reusable rocket technology.

  6. well the world seems to progress towards a future where we humans are planning to escape our own beautiful planet deleting all the other organisms why dont we understand there is so much more than the technology that seems to increase our comforts while retrogressing the lives of the innocenrs

  7. The only sideback of this mission is its gonna make astronomers and astrophotographers suffer and billions of dollars of ground telescope will have to take lot of losses. Hope elon does something. He should solve problems by not creating new

  8. This is not a new idea . Company in US already providing internet connectivity through satellite but speed are terribly slower let's see how starlink does it differently

  9. I think we need to invest in our own made in India companies first, we have to support our own brothers so that we don't have to be dependent on any other countries

  10. Indian cursing Ambani who made internet cheaper and faster which helped many people.
    Also Indians praising Elon musk. ( must be because he is outside India, else everyone we tell Elon got rich because of political relations)

  11. It is great for rural areas but it is expensive even in US (499$+99$ subscription per month). In India cost of data is so less that no foreign company can provide at this price range…! (1 gb in 0.07$)

  12. Not related to this, but just want to say something.
    You know as a person who is a Telecommunications engineer and observing the Indian telecom industry since the last 8 years, I will say one thing: cheap internet is really ruining Indians telecom infrastructure along with government's statist and tax maximization policies. Slow roll out, bad speeds, dismal growth, less investments, less than 25% towers connected with fibre networks, low broadband penetration. This decision is going to cost us. Am I against people getting access to cheap internet? Heck no, I am happy and in fact proud of Ambani for bringing in the revolution. 400M subscribers in just few years is not a joke and that too with fast activation and connectivity is smallest of villages. I would go on to say it has helped in growth of country to some extent. But but but at the rate it's growing it will become the thing at the end it swore to destroy and a single player for any market is bad, really bad for a consumer. And telecom industry is bleeding. They need investment and a cut on taxes by GOI or else future looks bad…

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