Why did Bezos' Blue Origin's rocket launch fail? …Tech & Science Daily podcast

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Space firm founded by Jeff Bezos and the FAA are investigating how a rocket booster apparently exploded and after launching on the 23rd New Shepard mission, which had aimed to send Nasa experiments to the edge of cosmos to float for a few minutes in microgravity. ‘Unsend messages’ and ‘lockdown mode’ new iOS iPhone features. Twitter whistleblower Peiter Zatko to testify before Congress over ‘security flaws’. Blue economy: Making cows less gassy to fight climate change and blockchain fish-counting: the aquaculture revolution. Nintendo shares boost after Splatoon launch. Nasa mash-up of satellite and x-ray data lets astronomers ‘rewind’ 5.5million mph supernova blast.Turn off the Barry White album because the hyrax makes its own music for love. Was top secret Meta Quest Pro VR headset ‘left in hotel room’?