Why Blue Origin Will Never Beat SpaceX


Elon Musk (SpaceX) Versus Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin)

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#ElonMusk humiliates #JeffBezos and #BlueOrigin desperate attempt to copy #SpaceX again in their long-running power struggle. A joint effort by two of the wealthiest people in the world has led to greater wealth for Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Furthermore, both parties indicate that science should be stretched to the limits to turn science fiction into a reality. At least one day, both of them believe humans should live in luxurious apartments in space, but that’s the extent of their similarities. Because the reality is, there have been bitter rivalries between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for nearly 15 years.

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  1. I dont understand why these 2 very intelligent human beings are acting like little kids. If you want whats best for humanity , you would act more like a "TEAM" . I GUESS THATS WHAT GREED DOES……

  2. You said bezzos separated from nasa…. you mean he seperated from Amazon to purse litigation full time

  3. Bezos' thanks to his employees was such a sham. He couldn't give a shit.
    No empowered political/social change will happen until we use currency models without any usury: no tax, fees, costs or interest. Only then will we move to trust-based collaborative economics and achieve the empowerment all people are looking for.

  4. 🙄 it's funny how people try so hard to make it seem like these two are in a "feud" when they have a few playful, trolling tweets.
    Guarantee everyone else cares more about it than either of them do.
    Sure, Jeff's law suit is an annoyance to Elon, but it's like someone cut me off in traffic today, that was annoying and yet no one made a video about it.

  5. It is generally overlooked in the media, like in this video, that from the outset there was no contest as Bezos's offer was almost twice the NASA budget and Musk offered within the NASA budget. "I have $1000. For how much do you offer me a car?" Elon: "$900". Bezos: "1800". "OK, then I take Elon's car." Bezos: "That's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  6. SpaceX has an orbit-launching rocket that’s also the most reliable rocket in the history of humanity, and partially reusable too. Blue Origin can’t launch a paperclip into orbit. NASA’s decision is validated in the fact that Blue Origin is, optimistically at best, where SpaceX was over a decade ago (June 4, 2010).

    You just can’t award a company that has shown no capability with current technology to accomplish the goal. Might as well give Apple and Google and Comcast and Verizon and Shell and RJ Reynolds contracts as well— all of those companies also might know a thing or two about high-energy combustion, but have never launched anything into orbit.

  7. Bezos needs to find his lost troupe hairpiece, before trying to do any other task.


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  9. FYI Bozo is NOT a Space entrepreneur, stop calling him that. Bozo is a legal entrepreneur who only transports used books to sometimes the correct address and he has a hobby model rocket company used for tax evasion and money laundering.

  10. Is there a monetization setting to disallow 30 minute ads on your content? When I’m unable to skip because I’m preoccupied or can’t reach the keyboard it really makes YouTube unwatchable. Seems there are more 5+ minute ads now than regular ads!

  11. This is NOT a “power struggle” OR a”bitter rivalry”. There’s Jeff Bezos angry and bitter that he’s not good enough to compete with SpaceX. And THEN there is Elon Musk simply perusing his dreams. There is NO competition. Bezos CAN’T compete.

  12. At the most basic level Elon Musk and SpaceX have been getting on with their stated business of achieving improvement to quality of life for humanity via exploitation of space.

    From creating launch vehicles, crew capsules and associated infrastructure of unprecedented efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness to establishing satellite constellations based upon the same principles.

    By comparison to any antecedents 'old space' can claim yet in an astonishingly short time, SpaceX has consistently and reliably delivered on or exceeded Musk's promises and predictions.

    As for the rest?

    Not one of them, has yet to deliver on anything truly new to any significant extent much less at anything like the scale, speed, efficiency and reliability of SpaceX.

    The budget NASA was allocated limited it to just one, choice in order to get the job it is expected to perform done in timely manner, SpaceX was the only, viable contender then as it still is now.

    What possible rationale can justify would be competitors who cannot put any of the vehicles they claim could effectively rival SpaceX but which cost far more, in hindering progress for NASA and SpaceX?

    They cannot possibly regain time some have already had in greater quantities than SpaceX in order to try and close a virtually unassailable lead SpaceX has achieved in less time than many among the competition have had?

    All indications seem to be that the almost meteoric progress achieved by SpaceX caught the competition almost totally by surprise.

    Evidently none of them had any idea of what to expect as evidenced by their abysmal lack of progress and adherence to antiquated, incredibly and no longer justifiably expensive single use technologies.

    The so-called United Launch Alliance are still touting statistics like "more than 140 consecutive launches and a 100% mission success rate" while using and presenting phenomenally expensive and wasteful single use technologies as ratification for their validity.

    Their next generation vehicle is still, a single use design based on components derived from obsolete Space Shuttle hardware and they are currently sustaining their launches in the interim with a stockpile of even older single use vehicles!

    The much vaunted 'new' Starliner crew capsule is still being touted as "bringing human spaceflight back to American soil" despite the fact that SpaceX and their Crew Dragon vehicle have long since left Starliner in the locker room and Starship will probably keep it there.

    To add insult to injury Starliner is obviously little more than an upscaled and modernized version of the original Apollo Lunar mission capsule.

    I wonder if old space strategists as obsolete as their technologies thought the obvious association would engender confidence with the public?

    The Blue Origin Lunar Lander is also a blatantly obvious variation on the lander used during the Apollo missions so could the same thinking be indicated there as well?

    Compared with SpaceX all this, is undeniably indicative of a virtual total lack of innovative much less novel attitudes and approaches among the lot, strongly suggesting that they actually believed things were going to continue as they had done prior to the advent of SpaceX.

    If that had been the case, old space might have reasonably anticipated a distinct advantage, but SpaceX has ushered in a revolution few of the others were apparently prepared for and none of them were, are or can be ready for.

    The belief may well have been that retiring the Space Shuttle was a solid indication for a return to phenomenally expensive and no doubt profitable single use systems because they are still cheaper than the more capable and re-usable but inefficient Shuttle.

    How wrong that has proven to be, yet SpaceX 'competitors' would have us accept that they can somehow catch up with SpaceX from a virtual standing start at this stage and have the incredible temerity to criticize NASA for making the only, viable choice available in the process?

  13. Jeff Bezo's is a true douchbag, good mostl his employees left him cuz he treats all his Amazon employees like shit from his ambitious greedy regulations.

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