Why Blue Origin Is A Complete Failure


In today’s Modern video we take an in depth look at the reasoning behind Blue Origin recently becoming a complete failure in the space industry. There are many reason as to why they’re company has failed as a whole, from delayed projects to not being able to grab the same permission from the government as other competitors are such as SpaceX. Here is why Blue Origin is a complete failure…

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  1. And the turtle mascot. Seems like he could privately fund it for the rest of his life and still live well. Maybe by then BO will have a viable transport system.

  2. Bozos is unhinged. His primary drivers are now a) throwing his toys out of the pram and b) trying hysterically to jam as many spanners as possible in the works of SpaceX's magnificent thrust for the planets. Seriously, the guy is simply ghastly. I cannot even use Amazon anymore I loathe the prick that much.

  3. Cous Elon Pro and hire Pro Engineers to create an rocket that lands bacc to earth to sniff the earth cus respec

  4. Jeffs net worth is $170 billion and he puts a $ billion a year into blue origin – why cant he build his own rocket and train his own astronauts to put a lander on the moon ! while all this time he spends crying over a lost contract couldve been spent doing something productive

  5. what a joke! the richest man on the planet needs NASA funding. what a fucking joke. so we pay for him to try to compete with spaceX

  6. B.O. is a tourism company, not a space exploration company. It’s a carnival attraction for the rich.

  7. I'd rather belong to the Church of Musk than any church connected with a bronze age God story. with no evidence and an old book full of BS.

  8. Bezos is a Retailer, he sells piles of stuff and books.
    He's not an Einstein like Elon.
    BO will merge with SpaceX or Rocket Labs, if not it will struggle and eventually fail.

  9. I wonder how many TESLA fanboys and devotees of the Church of Musk have repeatedly watched this video while fondling themselves.

  10. correction vulcan uses Blue orgin 4 engines so those two companies are tied together for that contract

  11. While the content is interesting, the vocal delivery sounds more like a detergent salesman than a serious journalist. OTOH, it is clear that the reader is a human rather than the all too familiar and off-putting computer generated voices so common across YT. Just turn down the overhyped vocal style about 5 notches.

  12. would you want to go to space on top of something that looks like human reproductive organs?

  13. While SpaceX is changing the space industry; Blue origin is giving balistic joyrides to billionaires

  14. Blue Origin is wonderful in making polished GCI presentations on what they hope to do, public failure is to be avoided at ALL costs, known in industry as 'FM'.
    SpaceX on the other hand has been, developing, improving step by step, accepting failures as learning experience, known in industry as 'AM'.
    New Glen is specified to put to LEO 45,000Kg sometime in the future. SpaceX's Falcon Heavy places 63,800kg to LEO, and has launched successfully 3 times to date, and landed all 3 cores back for reuse.

  15. Jeff Bezos only commitment is making money. He will never succeed in the space industry because it’s all about the money for him!

    Elon musk on the other hand is all about the space. He sees it as the only way to save humanity. Which one do you think is the better human.

  16. If BO is a failure then i don't know wat Nasa is nd if Space X wasn't here u wouldn't b saying this

  17. i admire mr. bezos for getting this far in life however he should know his limits and focus on where he is best at

  18. Here's why I think Bezos and Branson is not as successful as Musk. If you look at many tech companies, the man who head the company and provide the funding, have no or little knowledge of what the company is doing. So in most cases, they were swindled by their knowledgeable employees. I think this is the case with Bezos. The guy he task with building a rocket deliberately slow the progress so that they can milk more money from him. Since Bezos has little to no knowledge about rocket engineering, He can't really do anything about it. But Elon Musk is different. He has the knowledge. He can even competently took a helm of the development if he need to. So it's difficult if not impossible for his employees to swindled him. He fired many who tried. Many of them were top skimmers who profit from other people's work and he goes straight to the person who actually create value.

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