Why 2021 SUCKED – Boeing, Blue Origin, Roscosmos and others made this a bad year for Spaceflight


There were some good things about 2021…but a lot of other things made it very bad for Spaceflight. Here’s why!!

Here’s some GOOD things that happened for Spaceflight!

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  1. about Elon time: i think he is optimistic on purpose to increase the motivation within SpaceX. Might also be partly due to the fact that, as he puts it, 'things change everyday at starbase' . imo, if delays right now mean more fluid starship production and launch cadence later, it's fine. (and it's not like the FAA helped either)

  2. Some predictions for 2022 and onward:

    – 2022 will be the year where SpaceX starts to show just what it is truly capable of. Starship will begin to, for good, change what spaceflight looks like.
    – Space toursim will continue to ramp up. The door has been opened for regular people to go to space, and in the coming years we will see more and more of it.
    – Jamess Webb and IXPE will both uncover new knowledge about the universe.
    – international space relations will continue to degrade, while space will continue to become more and more commercialized
    – LEO wil become more regulated.
    – Artemis will get delayed further, but eventually launch next year. Congress will continue to support it, atleast until Artemis 3
    – ULA will push Vulcan as hard as they possibly can, maybe launching it in late 2022.
    – Starliner will not launch at all. It will eventually get replaced by Dreamchaser (hopefully).
    – Some smallsat launchers will get to orbit, others will go bankrupt.
    – Electron will become the second reusable orbital booster in history
    – this is a bold one: Dynetics will be selected as the second HLS lander

    feel free to comment what you guys think!

  3. I've thoroughly enjoyed your channel and very much appreciate your efforts in 2021. I genuinely feel apart of a real community that celebrates all things space, the good, the bad and the ugly.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you your family and all of you space nerds 🤓

  4. I think the only reason for the blazing pace we have seen with SpaceX is BECAUSE of Elon time. He may miss targets a lot but it pushes the company forward. Would you rather have Bezos time?

  5. @Whatdamath has speculated the kepler syndrome has already started coz there is a notable amount of debris created by other debris, if not debris caused by debris that was caused was by debris.

  6. I wish Inspiration4 had been covered more widely in the mainstream media. Such a great story at the time but overall it barely made a ripple.

  7. Not to be pedantic, but technically he no longer owns Amazon, and now I kind of understand why. Also the Shatner monologue was amazing, despite Jeff's best efforts to ruin it.

    I predicted after OFT-1 Starliner would never fly again. I hate that I might be right 🙁

  8. Ok,I'll give in and take your bait too. I'd consider myselft kind of a fan boy, but trying hard to keep thing truthfull. In your Elon rant, you are very quickly leaving the path of reporting and start painting your own narrative. About the FAA he trolled them a bit, called their processes slow and outdated (which they are and therefore cannot cope with the differing philosophies of new space), but besides that he to my knowledge never blaimed FAA for the ongoing "delays" of the orbital flight. And you did even worth in the second part. Deriving any kind of ligitimacy (or anything else) from a single court case (and hefty settlement) about contractors missbehaving towards another black contractor to the sexual herrassment allegation makes no logical sense. And if you (i know you have) have ever worked anywhere and seen different kinds of man behave towards woman in the workplace, you should realize that six cases in a company of over 100,000 employees cannot realy be construed to show a bad company culture. I view each and every case of sexual harressment as a crime, but at this scale to pin it at the CEO and company culture is both dishonest and way to forgiving towards the actual culprits.

    As stated above, i believe you did that on purpose to bait people like me into commenting and thereby giving your video more engagement. I cannot respect that kind of behaviour, i do not like this at all. I will consider unsubscribing over this.

  9. As long as the November 3rd Coup that took down the American government, replacing it with a Chinese controlled puppet regime, remains officially unexposed and uncorrected, NWO Agenda 2030 globalist Big Tech companies will continue to steal the people’s monies to be laundered and funneled into the Cabal’s Great Reset, with the corrupt political traitor class receiving their customary kickbacks. American space supremacy will be at an end.

    SpaceX will be stopped by red tape from engaging in the needed launches required to develop Starship in the timeframe needed to accomplish NASA’s underfunded myopic goals, much less the brave, ambitious programs needed to ensure America remains at the cutting edge of human space flight.

    This is all by the Cabal’s design to destroy 1st World America, rolling it into a dystopic neofeudal global governance structure of depopulation, with the remaining sick-by-design survivors slaving away their lives for the global bankster overlords in technocratic, dystopic Prison Planet, as They promote China as the only superpower of the future world.

    FDR, Eisenhower, JFK and Reagan all warned us in their most famous speeches of the “highly efficient” conspiracy that We The People face. Find them not on utoobisassho and watch them in their entirety.

    As long as we watch their TV “programming” fake news, science, history and entertainment, we are in extreme danger of succumbing to Their fearporn propaganda. Those that subscribe to the insanity of “preferred pronouns” will only be able to identify as “were/was”.

    Carefully look back at all the broken promises, lies and moved goal posts of 2020.


    Will Humanity unite against the Invisible Enemy and Hold The Line against Their Machiavellian ambitions?

  10. It's as obvious as a wart on the end of one's nose. The Russians are gearing up for a war in space. They will shoot down the satellite's they think are a threat to them and other countries that are unfriendly to the western alliance will do the same. The earth is populated by small-minded grasping people who have no vision and care nothing for the future of mankind. They are driven by greed and it's greed that will, in the end, destroy mankind.

  11. Yes, Nauka engines did fire but caused no damage, it happens with complex machinery, hell even legendary Appolo-13 had several issues during its flight, what matters is the end result. And the result is there's a working lab with equipment that cosmonauts (and astronauts) didn't have before.
    Oh, and btw anti-sat weapon test was not conducted by Roscosmos, you're just making up "facts" now, many agencies were involved for the ministry of defense, Roscosmos is not one of them.

  12. How is a sexual harassment lawsuit at all relevant to anything? Don’t understand why you (and commentators like you) keep talking about it? Don’t you have enough relevant things to talk about?

  13. if nasa is getting pathetic funding then, why don't nasa propose a new type of tax 'nasa tax' that directly funds nasa and make it so that the government has no right to interfere with that?

  14. The Elon Train . 2021- inspirations 4, lunching 2 falcon 9 in 15 hours and other right after . the landing of the 100th falcon 9 booster. DART lunch on Falcon 9. raptor 2 engine test and working . not going in to amount of lunches .

  15. to get men who wont sexually harass, perhaps a pre employment lobotomy? chemical castration? i have worked for automotive companies, and other manufacturers, sexual harassment is a fact there, and the CEO's can never hope to stop it. its a societal problem, not a business problem. maybe have mens divisions/plants and separate womens divisions/plants?

  16. Jeff Bezos does not care about the employees at Amazon and I can tell you personal horror stories about the incompetence of said company. He clearly does not understand the importance of treating employees as anything other than interchangeable parts in the greater organization. He does not understand how to treat people as human beings in need of motivation, including livable wages and positive long term prospects with the company. He can not hold on to people who have learned the ropes and can work smart rather than hard. He would rather burn them out from overwork and low pay. This is why he can't get Blue Origin to get its act together. In the high paying fields needed to make a high tech organization run, you have to motivate and retain talent if you expect to get anywhere. He is a one trick pony who pioneered the field of one stop on line shopping and needs to learn to see and treat employees as real people with unique talents and needs that need to be used and catered to.

  17. Where Elon is concerned, as long as he meets his contractual obligations, let him do what he wants with his money- that's the way I see it for him. As for sexual harassment, I'd first look at the law of averages of a company with this many employees. The dollar amounts of the lawsuits have more to do with the size of the company's wallet than the damage caused in most cases. I don't want to brush them off, but I'd leave those things up for the courts to decide, knowing full well that judges are likely to make the company pay a stiff penalty if the allegations were anything that upper management could have reasonably prevented.

    As for Blue Origin thought, I really see them as a huge "nothing" factory. New Shepard would have been really groundbreaking 10 years ago, and perhaps 5 years ago.. but in 2021, it's just basically "par" for the course, and for me, is less ambitious than Virgin. Virgin is ambitious in that its technology isn't a copy of anyone else's, albeit they bought it from Richard Branson.. but I see it more of a continuation of his work as he's pretty much bowed out and retired.

    Your video falls flat on its face for failing to mention a couple of good things that happened: Inspiration 4.. that was a huge win for everyone in my book. That helped the entire space community, every company, and the fans as well. I don't have to go into great detail to make that point.

    Another great success, I think has been Rocketlab– who has gone from a company aspiring to be a niche provider, to a company who is aspiring to leave Blue Origin in the dust, and in a way that already has "something" that's producing much more than Blue Origin ever has– beyond publicity, that is.

    I do agree that 2021 sucked compared to the 2021 we could have had, but 2021 was lightyears ahead of most every year since the shuttle program ended. I appreciate your videos pointing out where we can see improvement– and I don't see them as negative, I see them as informative and entertaining, however.. when taking a retrospective look at 2021 and mentioning the positives, I think you missed some really important successes in 2021 that should be noted by anyone judging this years success.

  18. Why did 2021 suck for NASA decisions: look at who the new administrator (emphasis on traitor) and administration over the past year. They are not done destroying manned spaceflight yet.

  19. I rather doubt Elon would be to blame if some middle manager or welder started playing grab ass.

    That said, it may all just be BS, because they have DEEP pockets.

  20. Look at it this way even if Space X is 3-5 years late we would all still be better off then what Boeing & Bozo the two septic trucks that just suck NASA dry would do for getting us to the moon and beyond. They both would just repeat what Apollo has already done while sucking NASA dry and pretend it was something spectacular while patting themselves on the back.

  21. You're actually AAAAAANGRY(morbo news monster) about Elon time? Dude…… you had plenty of other stuff to bitch about….. or fact check a lot of your other videos over… jeez.

    You're always so close to being golden with these videos, then you troll, or just don't fact check.

  22. Elon should put all his resources into colinising the moon and make that are second home for now and let the next generation deal with Mars

  23. Typical corporate milkers concentrating on lining their pockets and sitting in the banquet hall discussing what someone else will actually have to do for them as they sit and take take takeover talking only!

  24. I love your videos, but i have to disagree with you on this.
    The biggest grief to me this year, was seeing the fed's coming after SpaceX, who are litterally in the middle of nowhere flying rockets, the locals love it, the county is prospering, but then the fed's came in… Obviously sponsored by The established compettitors, and also Jeff and his Crony's in Washington DC (he's very active in DC). Just goes to show that this administration is controlled by the unions (who are only active in slow and established big companies) and gvt. agencies, feeding themselfs work that holds our progress.

    But dispite that, i have to say that this year was great for spaceflight, here's why:
    1. The number of private astronauts and spaceflights exploded this year. Fully reuseable vehicles carrying boatloads of people into space for the first time in human history!
    (8 from BO, 7 from Virgin)
    2. Despite the harrasment of the fed's, SpaceX made insane progress with Starship. Not only did humanities first ever interplanetary rocket land a prototype (SN16), as you have shown. They also got their first booster up, and a launchpad. Were on a good trajectory 😉
    3. Startups performing a huge number of new launches this year, some of them even reaching orbit, like Virgin Galactic. And there are many more to come. When there is money to be made with spacefight, we will see a lot more of it, which is great.
    4. Miazawa's flight to the ISS with his cameraman inside soyuz, was really inspireing to see, and there are a lot more coming!

    All in all a great year and one that set some milestones, especially with the first reuseable vehicles carrying people to space, Starship landing successfully and ready to try an orbital flight and the armada of startups looking to bring vibrant competition to the slow game that has been spaceflight for the last 1/2 century.
    Also the russian debris will deorbit relatively soon. So while i'm also mad about this, what they did this year was not such a big issue. Much less than what the chineese did with their test for sure!

  25. there's no way SLS is going to keep existing. Private companies will do this with or without NASA's moronic SLS.

  26. Hope your health improves! Thank you for the great information as usual. I to am sad about Musk over promises. The bad thing for them is he is one guy who is pushing this. What we need is a national effort to get behind the SpaceX. Start with the FAA in Boca Chica and simultaneously expediting the FL starship launches.

  27. Well the worst thing wasn’t even mentioned, and that is SpaceX raptor problem and near insolvency

  28. Angry Astronaut: "Let's hope that 2022 is much…much…better!"
    2022 News Flash: "Taikonauts land on the moon! NASA scraps Artemis, as China claims The Moon as part of the People's Empire!"
    Angry Astronaut gets really pissed off, and we get 30 mins. of constant bleeps!

  29. I was originally sad that Russia is basically excluded from our return to the Moon, but now I don't really care. Russia is stuck in the past. Roscosmos is an archaic organization stuck using rockets from the 1960s. Really sad Russia went the way it did in the 90s. We'd be better off working with China. In fact, that would give me hope, since China is actually forward looking and our tensions are high. It would be nice to have a collaborative effort with them

  30. What worries me about these ancient harassment accusations is that over the last 5 years or so…since every Journalist started to shout out how rich Elon Musk is and certain people have taken an immense dislike to him the Courts have now becoming busy places.
    You also have to remember that Elons Companies will cause quiet a few golf today loose their jobs especially from the oil industry and it does make me wonder as to wether or not people are manufacturing these illegal activities in order to close Tesla, Space X and Elon Musk down! Yes the accusers might be genuine but they might not be too.

  31. There is a lot of other reasons why 2021 sucked:
    1) No climate agreement. This means we will have more likely runaway events and deadly catastrophes. 6th mass extinction is getting lot worse.
    2) Jan. 6th Coup attempt. The main agitators like Trump, Bannon, Meadows and their supporters in congress and in the states are not yet indicted and thrown in the jail for obvious reasons. This is not just ruining US, but also many countries all around the globe. This may lead to end of democracy or even civil war in USA.
    3) Russia is warmongering in Europe. And this may lead to full war if things are not cooled down.
    4) Covid still keeps ruining our lives.

    So on my list anything that is related to space comes way after these really important and on our face things. In more peaceful times space related issues would be on the top of the list, but now we have to focus on the matters that are really on our face.

  32. I usually enjoy your videos, however I can't agree about this one. The Mars rovers, Rocket lab's election; the100th Falcon booster landed, Starships test flights, etc.. If it wasn't for those, you wouldn't even have a YouTube channel.

  33. Maybe it's time for Boeing to fail completely and go bankrupt and be replaced with fresh blood and ambition? There are too many problems with this company and the golden glory days are too far behind to have any real payoff from nostalgic feelings… I'd almost say the same thing about NASA.

  34. All of these delays are by design. From the entrenched aerospace contractors and their bought politicians to the FAA and other government agencies, there's much more going on behind the scenes that none of us will ever know about…..Unless, of course, some whistleblowers emerge and are actually heard.

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