We kind of have an answer. Starlink is expected to exit beta in October, THIS MONTH. However, elon time can be tricky to decipher. In the past, it was expected to be fully rolled out by September. So don’t hold your breath. Also important to note, even if it goes nationwide, you may still have to wait to get it if your service area is full of users. You will likely have to wait until there are more satellites launched to support more customers.
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  1. I signed up early may and still do not have one. More the ground station near my house was released for public review in June and appears to not yet be approved for operation!?!?!? Seems like more than shipping is holding things up.

  2. Starlink will never achieve a critical mass of users to make this pharaonic project sustainable in the long term. But Musk's stubbornness will make the company lose money for a long time before realizing that the best thing to do is to deorbit all that space junk.
    This project uses the same business model than the almost deceased Solar City, ie lose money on the customer's equipment hoping to recover costs with monthly fees. 
    Eventually fiber optics and 5g will reach most of the planet's population making Starlink totally unviable.

    Now it will also be necessary to cut the trees around the house to have a decent internet connection.

  3. Signed up the moment it was possible… Here for hoping he does NOT go BEE! Because I will cancel, if he does…

  4. After exiting Beta there are still Gamma and Delta phases to go through! Then it will still be a long time before anyone can get one due to the 500,000 unit backup that will take 2 1/2 years to fill!

  5. Best news EVER!!! I think I love you!!! Well, unless I don't get Starlink by the end of Oct. Then I won't love you anymore.

  6. Thank YOU!! We are about one hour outside of Orlando and still NO StarLink, even though we can watch the rocket launches from our home. Hoping that we get lucky and can celebrate having StarLink before 2021 wraps up

  7. Starlink being a realistic option for impoverished rural communities requires a much lower price point than the current hardware/monthly cost. Great technology though.

  8. So many shortages. Computer chips, liquid oxygen, shipping containers, container storage at ports, trucks, and, for all we know, glass fiber and resin for making circuit boards, ABS plastic for the enclosures, copper wire, … Can't make Dishies, can't launch satellites. It's a mess out there.

  9. you may not have the magical knowledge … but you magical .. thanks Ell for the content.. fingers crossed for my starlink to come

  10. If you live in an urban area and have other options for cable or fiber then just stop. Starlink is NOT for you. I know you love everything Elon but pump the brakes on this one.

  11. 500k in orders and waiting till 2023 ? That's 50 million in deposits, I'm taking my deposit back.

  12. It will go full steam once his rocket ship starts sending up satellites on his up and coming space trucks!

  13. Was lucky i signed up in August got the email mid September received the dish the end of September and its awesome works great im in southern oregon

  14. I hope they hurry here I'm getting sick of watching stuff in 144p… if I found out I gotta wait 2 more years ..I might as well move into a van down by a river somewhere I can get it haha

  15. NASA =LIES. NASA always were /is /will be lying. No truth from there found.
    You need to be asleep to believe the american dream —-George Carlin.

  16. We’ve had Starlink for a few months now and I can honestly say it’s more reliable than my old cable internet. Maybe not quite as powerful yet but totally adequate for streaming videos and playing games. And it’ll only get better and better. Hope everyone will get theirs soon!

  17. I’m waiting for 3 months now, but at the time of ordering Starlink site said they expect to service my area late 2021 early 2022 so just some waiting is all no big deal, hey Elli does the Starlink come with any sweet apps

  18. Great video Ellie. Coming out of beta doesn’t do us waiting any good without getting a flat or round face to connect with. I’ve been waiting since March 10 in Preston Maryland.
    I don’t mind waiting my turn but the problem I have with it is they provide absolutely no feedback on where you are in line. The local power co-op is running fiber to residents under a 10 year project timeline. Starting to think that they may reach me before Elon. Your videos just keep getting better all the time. Keep up the excellent work. I wouldn’t reveal my supper powers either. Martian Out!

  19. I hope they will reduce power consumption of the Starlink set in new versions, currently it's eating around 300€ per year in Germany.

  20. I can’t wait to dump Verizon and Xfinity …….when those two companies both have 2 nascar race cars and two nascar race trucks, and two Indy cars, and never win a race, then I am paying for a race car team that are a bunch of losers, only for the entertainment of the executives. All I get is higher fees to support a bunch of losers and lousy service. Besides, when I call to pay my bill I get a service fee. I have to pay them to accept my money. Adding insult to injury, the payment centers are in a foreign country where we have a HUGE language barrier. This is like renting a house that has a net, net, net lease. Triple net lease.

    Verizon and Xfinity need to learn there is always someone else better and cheaper.

  21. Nah, i like giving some company $99 over a year ago, without any recourse as to what the status is regarding my order especially what place in line I am…Imagine if your child said that they gave a hundred bucks to some guy who promises to get him something in August, September, October…you get the frustration point!

  22. As you said it depends on how many people already have the service in your area. It would be nice to get some data of how many there are in each state. Then you might get a better understanding of the coverage near you. I'm in southern Virginia and I have not heard of anyone yet that has it. Maybe that info could be gathered and published soon. Keep up the good reports and have a great day

  23. Thank you for the update! I did finally get Starlink a couple weeks ago after signing up in Feb. Worth the wait though, and I hope those still waiting get theirs soon as well. Nice to know they are progressing as quickly as they have been. Maybe not fast enough for some of us, but progress is moving along! Good luck to everyone!

  24. I think another indicator of how fast Starlink will roll out is how fast SpaceX can develop Starship to the point that it can deliver satellites. 2023 may be a big year…

  25. Hey @Ellie in Space, just alerting you to a typo in your thumbnail! You'll see it straight away, lol

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