What ROCKET LAB Just Did is INSANE to humiliate Blue Origin after SpaceX & Elon Musk.


What ROCKET LAB Just Did is INSANE to humiliate Blue Origin after SpaceX & Elon Musk.#STARSHIPFANS

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Rocket Lab and Space
We’ve heard plenty about the rivalry between the founders of SpaceX and Blue Origin, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. But there is one contender in the match that we haven’t been paying attention to – Rocket Lab, an emerging small company, but really has a rapid growth rate. With the announcement of a brand-new rocket called Neutron, the private space company is humiliating Blue Origin as the main competition to SpaceX.

Stay tuned as we take a deeper look at SpaceX’s potential rival.
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First of all, let’s learn more about Rocket Lab and its achievements in recent years.

Rocket Lab, founded in New Zealand and headquartered in Long Beach, California, is second only to SpaceX when it comes to launching frequency—the two are ostensibly the only American companies that regularly go to orbit. Its small flagship Electron rocket has flown 21 times in just under four years and delivered over 100 satellites into space, with only three failed launches.
Early in this year, the company made its ambitions even clearer when it unveiled plans for a new rocket called Neutron. At 40 meters tall and able to carry 20 times the weight that Electron can. Recently, they announced that Neutron has become a bigger rocket, the rocket is now 46 meters high with a 5-meter diameter fairing. Elon Musk has also raised his opinion about it, he tweeted, ” Will be Falcon 9 size sooner or later”.

By 2024, we can expect RocketLab’s own version of a reusable rocket that will fly astronauts. The announcement about the Neutron rocket came as quite a surprise since RocketLab has pretty much stuck to launching tiny satellites on small boosters.
So, what has helped RocketLab thrive?
This is a pretty funny story.
What ROCKET LAB Just Did is INSANE to humiliate Blue Origin after SpaceX & Elon Musk.
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  1. 7:30 "Rocketlab will be responsible for putting over 90 percent of all satellited projected to launch by 2029"

    Considering that SpaceX is planning to launch their own starlink constellation of 42000 Starlinks by then, this claim wants us to believe that Rocketlab will launch *at least* 420 000 satellites by 2029?????

  2. 0:30 "Rocketlab is humiliating BO as the main competition to SpaceX"

    No, no… BO is doing that themselves, thank you.

    They are not, and never have been competition to SPaceX.
    And they will not be, by *any* measure, until that *actually put something in orbit*.

    Right now, north friggin Korea is a better competitor to Spacex than BodyOdor.

  3. They know helicopter pilots are crazy enough to make this an economically feasible option 🙂 and it works like any model rocket , goes up and pops a parachute. KISS

  4. I really hope Rocket Lab is considering just how much they can revolutionize planetary science by spit-wadding Discovery-tier probes for 1/50th of the cost. Forget about trying to compete with SpaceX, why not trying to build up a subscription database with its own private science satellite's. Data as a service.

  5. There are many launch customers that don't want to be locked in to a single launch provider. I expect that Rocket Lab and SpaceX will work together to define common payload interfaces for a range of payload sizes beyond cubesats.

    Anything that conforms to the cubesat standard can be launched on many different rockets.

    I strongly suspect that Rocket Lab chose the 5 meter diameter so they can use a fairing with the same internal dimensions as the fairing on a Falcon-9. The Falcon-9 first and second stages were designed so they could easily be shipped by truck on US highways. Thus they have a smaller diameter of 3.7 meters. Payloads without a fairing, like Dragon capsules will need an adapter to launch on the other company's rocket. When such an adapter exists, payload customers can design to the adapter. Thus they will be able to design payloads for either rocket. Allowing the companies to easily compete and to also sell reservations for contingency launch slots. If the primary launch vehicle isn't available, their customers will have get into the other launch queue. Customers with contingency launch contracts will be prioritized.

  6. It's not just reusability, it is how long does it take to put that rocket back to orbit that has just been recovered? Musk set one hour as the goal. If another company can't touch that, they will never be serious competition for space x.

  7. I must be pretty stupid, but got nothing from this post.
    I guess it made someone some money by just waiting my time on watching this post.

  8. I'm happy to see more companies make space vehicles.
    Only gets us closer to having permanent space habitations, moon stations and Mars colonies.
    I'm always gonna root for SpaceX first but i'll also root for anyone else who isn't Jeff Bezos.

  9. The only comepetition rocketlab will have with spacex is in the cubesat and small sat market, ULA is spacex's "rival"

  10. Elon Musk and SpaceX are leading the way and everyone is trying to catch up. NASA is making important changes. It is a very exciting time. I have been weighing for this for years. Competition is a good thing, it makes everyone sit up and pay attention. SpaceX has it’s main goal as reaching Mars! I think that is a big difference as far as a vision for any company! Not to just make money.

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