What Progress Has Blue Origin Made On BE-4?


Right now the space industry is full of different companies and agencies all working on new and ambitious projects for the future. Some of these projects are next generation launch vehicles trying to change how we access space. However, one of the most important parts of any new rocket are the engines providing thrust and power.

For years now Blue Origin has been working to develop, test, and manufacture the BE-4 engine. In the last few weeks, both Blue Origin and ULA CEO Tory Bruno have provided more updates on the engine’s progress and more. This includes recent tests, deliveries, and a better view of the engine’s performance. All of which are vital to the future of multiple projects.

Both New Glenn and Vulcan are expected to use these engines in the near future. However, rocket engines are extremely complex and Blue Origin has had some complications throughout BE-4’s development. Here I will go more in-depth into some of the recent updates on the engine, what to expect in the future, and why the BE-4 is such a big deal for the future of many launches.

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  1. Blue Origin is a failure. They are burning cash with no strategy for revenue without ULA. ULA is in deep trouble as well. If ULA goes down, then BO only has a few NS launches per year and the New Glenn Vaporware project. New Shepherd is probably not profitable at all. If it was they would have a better launch cadence and more vehicles in production.

    Also, the over all mission statement for BO of moving manufacturing off earth into LEO is incredibly stupid.

    Relativity Space and SpaceX will finish off Blue Origin for good.

  2. This was an infomercial for Blue Origin. There was no useful, objective information here. They are in big trouble with ULA (4 years late). The BE-4 has half the thrust to weight ratio of the Raptor 2 and 40 times the cost. Blue Origin started before SpaceX with much higher funding and hasn't even made it to orbit yet. I wish there was a genuine competitor to SpaceX to challenge them, but Blue Origin is not the one. At some point, Bezos will get tired of dumping a billion dollars a year into a failing project and will pull the plug.

  3. Tony Bruno is a thug who mandated the horrible covid shots or they'd fire those workers. Elon never pulled that crap.

  4. I personally love blue origin love i also appreciate u to updating me daily about these missions and space industry

  5. The BE-4 has 250t thrust, Raptor 2 was recently at 230t thrust. SpaceX is still improving the Raptor 2. Unless I missed an update, each of the current Raptor 2s has only 92% of the thrust of a BE-4. That explains why each booster needs 33 of them.

  6. I'm glad BE4 is coming together. I hope they can iterate through the design now that it works

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