What is the purpose of the Starlink mission

What is the purpose of the Starlink mission?

Starlink is a satellite constellation development project underway by SpaceX that aims to provide low-cost, high-performance internet to remote locations.
In January 2015, SpaceX announced its satellite internet proposal. Though no name was given at the time, CEO Elon Musk stated that the company had filed paperwork with international regulators to place approximately 4,000 satellites in low Earth orbit.
SpaceX has stated that it will provide speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second with latencies ranging from 25 to 35 milliseconds. According to FCC measurements, SpaceX’s service would have latencies comparable to cable and fiber, whereas existing satellite broadband services have latencies of 600 milliseconds or more.
Musk’s initial estimate of the number of satellites quickly grew, as he hoped to capture a portion of the estimated $1 trillion global internet connectivity market to aid in the realization of his Mars colonization vision.

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  1. i ran a speed test while watching this, through google using starlink internet. i got 145mbps down, 16 mbps up, and 29ms latency.

  2. This is awesome stuff that we can all look forward to. Yet, if you are an outdoors person, you really should know organic survival methods as back up regardless of technology.

  3. I thought that thing has gone to Mars already, is it still around? How about drilling people's skulls to implant them with microchips?

  4. Well that's quite messed up cuz I know how to make it where Mars can have the same internet we do on Earth so people on Mars can have internet….. Just something to make you go hmm….. Okay now have a nice day

  5. There is no known method and instrument to measure spacecraft sped in vacuum space. To keep a satellite in stable orbit requires precise speed and direction.

    If ISS is moving around earth at 17000 miles per hour, it must be accelerated from zero to 17000 miles per hour first. How can ISS measure its speed in friction less vacuum space? What kind of rocket fuel can accelerate rockets to such high speed?

    The solar system according to science is five billion years old. The sun and nine planets and their moons have never cached any matter into stable orbit. How can earth cached ISS, star link and many satellites?
    To keep in orbit, a satellite must has precise speed and direction. If the speed is higher then the satellite will escape away from earth and never come back. If the speed is lower then the satellite will fall to earth.
    Scientists have no method or instrument to measure precise speed in vacuum space. All space missions are scams. Present technology simply cannot send spacecraft into orbit is a fact.

    NASA said they must fire rocket on ISS once a while to boost ISS to higher orbit. How about the rest 5000 LEO satellites? How they boost orbits?

  6. He will never go there so why is he spending so much of his furniture on it well I can’t see what he is trying to do and why but he dos if I had a power I would have the power to read someone mind it’s the one power that would give you tottel control over every power

  7. I have Starlink, the latency isn’t horrible, 60ms as of now, and it’s about 30-70 mbs download, upload speed is varied

  8. Ok for every one pound you need 100k pounds of fuel. Or something ridiculous. 4000 satellites?

  9. Just like all those updstes that improve security and quality. But whateve is updating still sucks.

  10. Putin was upset with Musk helping the Ukrainian people and implied that he (Putin) was targeting Musk. A threat to be taken seriously considering the recent history of Putin's enemies being assassinated. Nice guy.

  11. Starling was expanded to help the Ukrainian people be able to communicate on spite of Russian destruction of utilities. Putin has told Elon that he was upset with that and has plief

  12. Im just wondering, how do you get to space when there's so much junk and satellites orbiting earth?

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