What Is the Future of Space Tourism? (And the Role of Virgin Galactic in It)


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With Virgin Galactic hitting a long-time low, I thought it would be a good time to release a video about my thoughts on space tourism and the future of Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic is actually the first space company that I have even invested in and for that reason, I think I will always have it in my heart despite everything else. While some may say that the company just aims to provide holidays for the extremely wealthy, I find this view to be shortsighted. In the same way that airplane tickets used to be more expensive than they are today and just like Tesla first developed its Roadster to allow for more affordable cars down the line, so must space tourism start with higher prices to ultimately allow you and me who might not necessarily be ultra-wealthy to go to space one day.

While at the time of its founding in 2004, Virgin Galactic was the only private company looking to offer private tourism flights to space in their own spacecraft, this is no longer the case. Along with Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin now has plans for its own program. SpaceX’s tourism plans are less clear at this point in time, but from the information available, we might still speculate what SpaceX’s tourism program might look like if or when SpaceX decides to become more serious about selling tickets to space.

Interestingly, a company called Space Perspective and a few other companies are developing a balloon-based system to carry customers to the stratosphere, and Boeing eventually plans to use its Starliner to offer space tourism, as is Sierra Space with its Dream Chaser spacecraft.

Apart from that, Axiom Space looks to facilitate private space flights to the space station. And actually, a company called Space Adventures has already been facilitating trips to space through a partnership with Roscosmos since 2001 when their customer Dennis Tito became the first space tourist ever for a price of $20M. But these have been multi-million dollar experiences that do very little for the proliferation of space tourism and bringing the experience closer to everyone who wishes to experience it.

Ultimately, each of these companies will approach the evolution of their space programs differently, so it’s super interesting to compare their plans to see what this can all mean for the future of space tourism in general as well as the future of Virgin Galactic specifically.


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00:00 Introduction
02:16 Space Adventures
03:02 Axiom Space
03:50 Rocket launchers
04:32 Boeing and Sierra Space
06:31 Blue Origin vs. Virgin Galactic
09:15 SpaceX vs. Virgin Galactic
12:06 Market size
13:31 Space Perspective, World View Enterprises & Zero2infinity
15:50 Conclusion

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