What is Satellite Internet in Telugu | Why we Need Satellite Internet and its Benefits in Telugu

What is Satellite Internet in Telugu
Why we Need Satellite Internet and its Benefits in Telugu

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మనకు శాటిలైట్ ఇంటర్నెట్ ఎందుకు అవసరం మరియు దాని ప్రయోజనాలు

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Satellite Internet, which works similarly to satellite TV, is a wireless connection spread across satellite dishes located both in space and on the Earth. It provides remote areas of the planet with easy access to communication networks to keep people connected and give access to up-to-date information and communication systems.

Not all places on the Earth are able to establish various types of land-based internet connections like broadband, fiber optics, cable internet, etc. In fact, satellite Internet remains the only option if you live in a rural part of the country where internet infrastructure is underdeveloped.
Satellite Internet service is available even in areas with slow Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and where cable and fiber connections are unavailable or have limited reach. Satellite Internet service provides high-speed Internet access to areas where wired, fiber and cable options are inaccessible. Satellites are used to deliver broadband Internet services to hard-to-reach users in the under-served regions.

Through Satellite Internet, people are able to visit social media platforms, access email, stream clips, work from home, and connect to distance learning courses. Satellite Internet does not use cable systems or telephone lines, instead uses a satellite dish for two-way (upload and download) data communications.

Satellite Internet service requires a five-part system — internet-enabled device (modem or router), satellite in space, satellite dish and a ground station known as (NOC).

How does Satellite Internet work?
With satellite connectivity, the internet is beamed from space. The signal is sent from a geostationary satellite to a dish installed on a property, which connects to a modem inside.

The satellite that orbits the Earth communicates using radio waves.

A communication network sends and receives data, beginning with the user’s internet-enabled device like modem or satellite dish to a communication satellite in space then back to the Earth to ground stations called network operations centers.

The data is transmitted back through the network to space and then back to the land-based satellite dish on the Earth to deliver data on devices.

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