What is Elon Musk's Starlink Project?


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  1. It would be very dangerous for space debris and astronomers.

  2. Good news indian companies like reliance are also going to make satellites internet.
    Make India Independent

  3. Dhruv you have not mention
    How 42000 satellites will destroy our space.
    We don't want junk in space

  4. StarLink Satellite is blown bu Russia 🇷🇺 😁🤣😂 Short has old NEWS

  5. Yes i know, if you also want to know more search " linus tech tips starlink" on YouTube.

  6. Internet aaj food jaisa assential ho gaya hai.
    U. A. E ke turaya setalite ko "terrorist" ka lable laga ke fail Kara dye. Space X ko isa nahi ker sakte.
    Jaise Door Darshan ka Tod Hong Kong se Z news relay ker dya.

  7. Aisa hi raha to ozone layer se pehle satallite ki layer lag jayegi earth per 😁😁😁

  8. your shorts are more informative than those cringe reels and fake facts
    we can trust on you and on your knowledge and research rather than just watching those fact channels which provide wrong information on youtube shorts

  9. It's really dangerous and will bring disaster to Mother Earth.
    Your information is really good but it's just and disaster, to protect mother earth.
    What if the satellite drop into Earth some day maybe USA can use it may be maybe maybe disaster everywhere

  10. Matlab 42K sattelites bhej ke space me aur kachra failao… earth to barbad ho hi chuka hai, ab space bhi nahi bachega.

  11. This video already in 1.5 x 😅😅 good please upload you full video in 1.5 x please

  12. The biggest risk of Elon Musk's Starlink project is that it could generate so much space debris that it jeopardizes humanity's ability to continue using many of our satellite-based technologies.

  13. Unfortunately, India had banned Starlink.
    Because Mukesh Ambani will face a lot of loss…..
    (Jio) 🤡

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