What Elon Musk Just Did with SpaceX's Starlink Go Way Beyond Satellite Internet


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What Elon Musk Just Did with SpaceX’s Starlink Go Way Beyond Satellite Internet


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How SpaceX’s Starlink Can Go Way Beyond Satellite Internet
SpaceX’s Starlink Can Go Way Beyond Satellite Internet.
But, how?
Let’s find out in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!
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OK, let’s start at the beginning: What is Starlink, exactly?
Technically a division within SpaceX, Starlink is also the name of the spaceflight company’s growing network — or “constellation” — of orbital satellites.
It is designed to provide high-speed internet coverage to users around the world below, particularly those in remote and rural areas that do not have access to traditional internet connections.
The development of that network began in 2015, and the first prototype satellites launched into orbit in 2018.
What Elon Musk Just Did with SpaceX’s Starlink Go Way Beyond Satellite Internet
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  1. With such a satellite system, Musk could easily setup a formidable worldwide news network which could easily compete and displace the great news titans such as BBC, CNN, NBC and ABC. The potential for Musk enterprises is almost limitless.

  2. Well, of course you’ll have wireless Internet on the way to Mars! This is the future, baby…

  3. I believe one day we'll have people on Mars and we'll have conversations with each other on phones – talking and communicating on things.

  4. Why do you have such a problem pronouncing the word "satellite"? It comes out sounding like "Sallite".

  5. NASA already has a prototype Laser communications system to Mars. There is not so much a speed difference, but a HUGE difference in band width over UHF. Example: A picture now takes up to 90 minutes to get from Mars via UHF can be maybe 2-4 minutes via LASER.

  6. I have a question. As stated, eqipment costs are $499, what about a monthly subscription fee? Thanks

  7. If you do the research , somewhere in some video, you can see they use the interplanetary file system to do stuff….. I bought the coin just in case.

  8. The US military is criminal because it kills the children and women of Yemen. And everyone who cooperates with the American army is a murderous criminal.
    Islam is the path of truth.China is a criminal state that oppresses innocent Muslims.

  9. Great video, answered some questions I had about Starlink service and setup. I agree such as system will be needed on Mars for communication and navigation. Go SpaceX!!

  10. In my opinion they could modify Starlink and even the could generate solar energy and store it in a storage device like TESLA's battery,which could be provided to the user including the internet,coz 42000 number is huge..very huge so even if one starlink satellite generate 1kwh same 42000 satellite will generate 42000kwh in one hour so this could even solve the energy needs

  11. Why are your titles such clickbait? Your content could stand up on its own without those cringey titles or thumbmnails

  12. Every aircraft and cruise ship will have a receiver and provide internet service to travellers.

  13. My question is are they going to establish data centers/servers on Mars to complement their plan on Martian star link and how will that connect to earth bound data centers. Hugesnets latency is pretty bad but just imagine it almost a couple hundred thousand million times fold.
    Just imagine Video game servers and google servers on Mars.

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