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Elon Musk, Blue Origin & Jeff Bezos

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#JeffBezos most recent attempt to get NASA and SpaceX into legal turmoil and cancel the 2.9 billion dollar lunar lander contract was foiled as a federal judge rejected the case. This decision marked the end of a legal battle going on between NASA and Blue Origin which arose from Jeff’s grievances for #ElonMusk and his company which was solely awarded the project even though two firms were to be chosen at first. All this has resulted in the delay in human beings returning to the moon for the first time after almost fifty years. How does the court ruling change things for the companies and the agency? Will the lunar mission now proceed smoothly or are there other issues involved as well?
Today’s video will first look into the details of the court case going on between NASA and Blue Origin. Then we will talk about how Bezos has never been able to admit his defeat and how Musk and the agency reacted to this recent loss. After that, we will discuss the hurdles created by Congress that can delay the moon lander program.
The court order has made it as clear as day that the next time human beings return to the moon, it will be done on spacecraft made by SpaceX. This is an important win for the company and will help it become a much bigger dominant force in the race. It is already transporting cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station and has become part of many collaborations with NASA. One of these is the Starship HLS which was put to a pause due to the legal challenges put by Blue Origin. The only thing gained from them is a delay in the second moon visit.
Pam Melroy, the deputy administrator at NASA gave an interview one day before the news and said, “It’s been disappointing not to be able to make progress”. It was also shared by her that the mission was at a very high priority over at the space agency and the end of the case is a very favorable event.
No official comment was heard from #SpaceX but Must be quick to tweet the words “You have been judged” and post a picture from the science fiction movie and comic book called Judge Dredd.
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