What Astra JUST DID Completely HUMILIATED Jeff & Blue Origin after SpaceX & Elon Musk.

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What Astra JUST DID Completely HUMILIATED Jeff & Blue Origin after SpaceX & Elon Musk.

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX dominated the commercial space industry in the 2020s and is still growing at unprecedented speed, with multiple groundbreaking projects underway. And yet, SpaceX’s vast rocket-building capability and seemingly infinite capital pool are hard to match, the truth is that you don’t always need a 70m-tall Falcon 9 booster to send satellites into orbit. That gives other startups some hope, a resource that has fueled tech companies for the last four decades.
A crop of smaller space companies, founded by billionaires and industry veterans alike, are exploring cheaper, more efficient ways to launch tiny nano-satellites into Earth orbit to meet the booming demand. And prominent among those companies that I want to talk about in today’s episode is Astra Space.
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What Astra JUST DID Completely HUMILIATED Jeff & Blue Origin after SpaceX & Elon Musk.
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  1. why is everyone using the word 'humiliated' all the time..? it isn't really helpful… think about..
    (already enough slowdowns w/ lawsuits, etc.. and bug picture) just sayin..
    cool video!

  2. No fan of Bezos, but he isn't 'humiliated', you can't compare apples and oranges with these rockets.

  3. If BO just wanted to reach orbit, they could put a 2nd stage on New Shepard that would match and exceed Astra's lift. However, BO wants to go from a carnival ride to one of the largest most capable rockets ever built. That is a challenge on a budget. Jeff Bezos is a rich guy with a big ego. I suspect in the end New Glenn will fly. Moreover, BO will mostly likely succeed with Project Jarvis and have a highly capable fully reusable launch craft similar but smaller than the SpaceX Starship.

  4. Blue Origin is looking more and more like a bad joke every week. They're great at STARTING projects, but less good at finishing them. Astra will reach orbit long before B.O. does.

  5. Astra, but it's not a fair comparison compared to New Glenn…and Astra will need Honeywell nav products if it wants to get anywhere…

  6. Next launch of Astra will make it to orbit. It's obvious they are right there on the edge. Don't give up guys you are ready for a flawless mission if you sharpen your standards to near perfection. Well it will seem that way to you because it's nothing but hard work to the highest standards possible. Nothing less will get the job done if you know what I mean.

  7. Astra of course! B Origin haven't even built a rocket or finished the BE4 engines it needs!

  8. Nice videos, but the clickbait titles make me not want to watch more. But nice videos for real.

  9. Blue Origin (aka Sue Origin) is not even a company in the same business as Astra, SpaceX etc.

    They’re in the amusement-business. And fair enough..

    Maybe we’ll soon see their product in amusement parks, around the world.

    Wait in line for ages, for a mere 3 minute ride to sub-space, while shooting gnomes with your infrared “laser” gun – pew pew – and buy your picture, for an abnormal price, when back down again.

    Seems plausible

  10. I say GO ASTRA! I was amazed when their "sideways flyer" finally went vertical. Now they just need to do it with all 5 engines. They'll get it this time. Jeffy is too busy whining and filing court actions about every step Elon takes to get anywhere further. Jealousy can be a crippling thing. He needs to be happy with the Karman line tourism sector and set out to knock Branson out of the market. Especially since his lead engineer just moved over to SpaceX… Oops….. Maybe they could do a Prime Space thing and give members free next day transport to the launch site! Who knows….

  11. OMG…Astra is going to orbit long before New Glenn. They aren't billionaire complacent and are way undervalued. Good luck to Astra and I truly want BO to succeed, but don't think they'll do so with Bezos at the helm. And stop suing Jeff!

  12. Won't the proliferation of micro-satellites present a future hazard for rocket navigation? Space junk is already becoming problematic.

  13. We who follow the space rocket industry, are well advised about Blue Origins follies and publicity stunts on the edge of space, within the earth's atmosphere, but now we would like more about realistic rocket companies, those who are doing real research and development, and less about Blue Origin who wants to upstage all rocket companies, even if they have to sue them for the privilege. Blue Origin does not deserve to be in the spotlight of any kind of publicity.

  14. I think the Antarctica Space Society will make orbit before Blue Origin at this point.

  15. astra for sure. BO is not very good at getting things done, and astra seems to be progressing in leaps and bounds, probable reaching orbit next attempt, with limited recources as well, whereas BO has been given billions of dollars for something that prob wont work (at least not on their first try).

  16. As slow as Blue Origin is, they have put more people in "space" this decade than Boeing has. Don't invest in space providers that name start with a "B"

  17. What Astra did was amazing. The rocket had a FIRE that severed fuel lines and cut off an engine, but *It still kept flying*! Wow. It went sideways because it had just lost 20% of its thrust and didn't have enough power to go up. But the guidance system compensated and kept the rocket pointing in the right direction. It started going up as propellant was consumed and the rocket got lighter. It would have been much more expensive for Astra if the rocket had blown up near the pad and damaged the GSE (ground service equipment).

    I wouldn't call this HUMILIATING, because SpaceX has demonstrated engine-out capability multiple times. It is expected now.

    I will be VERY surprised if New Glenn reaches orbit before Astra.

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