Watch SpaceX launch 60 Starlink satellites in ONE launch!


SpaceX will be launching 60 demonstration satellites for their Starlink Internet constellation. The Falcon 9 will launch from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS).

The first stage booster for this mission is B0149. It is flying its third mission, it previous launched the Telstar 18V satellite in September of 2018 and flew the Iridium 8 mission in January of this year. It will be landing approximately 621 km (385 miles) downrange on the Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship (ASDS), Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY). This will be one of the farthest downrange landing locations for a Falcon 9 so far.

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  1. I know this video is old now but i really enjoy watching these videos because now im geeked out on Rockets! I love Engineering and everything around it and i know that is very generic but literally anything in engineering. You dont tend to realize how cool things are until people like you Tim, come along and help us all understand in more simple terms. So big thanks to you for doing what you do.

  2. There is a lot of concern with the astronomy community that Starlink satellites will ruin astronomical observations.

    How can we let Elon Musk know that some simple changes to his satellites need to be done so they don't ruin astronomy and the ability of observatories to make new discoveries?

    A little black paint and some discussions with the astronomy community is needed as soon as possible!

  3. OMG you said spicy so many times now all i can think of when i see spacex stuff is… the newest spice girl is .. spice X! ahhh i'm 48 years old, why brain, WHY!

  4. Just recently found your channel in my suggested about a week ago, gotta say im liking the content. Your explanation on the different types of engines was very in depth and for the most part, was pretty easy to understand (had to look up some terms). Keep up the great content. Was steadily losing interest in astronomy in general and SpaceX has revived that and you deliver the content 🙂

  5. We have 200 mbps+ downlink speeds here, and there are faster domestic options locally. Latency to the ISP server, is usually around 9 to 18 ms. It will be interesting to see what Starlink will do, when it's fully operational. Latency will be around at least 0.5 seconds, but the transfer speeds could be very competitive.

  6. The Starlink satellites are flaring quite spectacularly, up to around 2nd or 3rd Magnitude. Astrophotographers are going to hate that, but they're also stimulating people to 'get out and get looking up' at the night sky. They've spread out around a whole orbit now, 2nd June, 2019, so online orbital predictions about the 'first' and the 'last' one are becoming meaningless. They're visible beyond overhead at times, and pretty much right through the Summer night, here in Central England.

  7. So being this will ultimately be a satellite based global internet , wouldn't this be an acceptable and safe way for a non Terran civilization to make contact with us?

  8. These Krypton ion thrusters, how long do they last before it runs out? actually how long are these star link satallites will last in orbit?

  9. I’m sure this is a dumb question but I really struggle to imagine what’s beneath a rocket launch. Knowing the forces that must be applied are quite literally astronomical.. if you could explain this that would be amazing

  10. Just caught the constellation over nwst washington. Such a wonder to watch with the naked eye. Anyone got pictures to share??

  11. Wow ! What did we just see ! Nothing ! The camera filming the motor is not even shaking ! Again it landed without us seing anything ! ?

  12. Any word on the location / tracking and spread of these satellites yet? I spotted a trail of individual lights in the sky over the UK late last night. It wasn’t a plane with contrail, it wasn’t a meteor. It looked like a faint line of little satellites!

  13. I'm pretty sure New Glenn is safely in the "Super Heavy Lift" category of rockets, because the payload numbers Blue Origin advertises are for reusable launches. If a New Glenn is expended, it could easily surpass the 50 mT to LEO threshold to be considered Super Heavy Lift.

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