Watch SpaceX Launch 58 Starlink Satellites PLUS 3 others SkySat satellites!


SpaceX’s Starlink 8 mission will launch 58 Starlink satellites on its Falcon 9 rocket. Along with the primary Starlink payload, SpaceX will be launching three of Planet Lab’s Sky Sat Earth-observation satellites. It’s launching at 09:21 UTC on June 13, from Space Launch Complex-40 (SLC-40) at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS), Florida. Starlink 8 is the eighth operational launch of SpaceX’s Starlink communication satellite constellation.

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  1. why no one stoping him? Hes poluted the erath with his tesla, now he is will polute the sky! FFS would someone just do samthing? Put him under the bars! Hitler the second!
    P.S. the guy in picture with mic – turn your mic on? No one hears you what you rumble there lol!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how SpaceX can catch a multi-story building dropping from the upper atmosphere.

  3. Ja falei faz tempo que o lixo espacial trara uma economia e vai retirar os riscos de acidentes com os mesmos . Abraços.

  4. Can you do a video on rotating detnating engine? Allot of groups working on them right now.

  5. It's A Joke: Rockets convert chemical energy into thrust. Puppies have lots of energy. So the way to convert energy goes like this: Puppy chews nasty socks and tastey women's underwear and lip balm and chidern's toys. They are quite able to chew the most expensive small electronics. Why Don't They Just: (part1) Put a rudel of spacesuited puppies into orbit to collect waste. Enthusiasm backed by the promise of dog yummies. The detractors might point out inefficient this might be. Maybe so, but can you imagine a wide-eyed doxin singing memes while adaptlilively grabbing a piece of mirror or something else in their little front paws. As far as converting their overall energies to thrust? Need a little input on this. They have energy and high tech put together.

  6. Hi Tim
    Did you read about the proposal of a magnetic dipole shield at the Mars L1 Lagrange Point? If so I wondered if a similar electromagnet could be deployed from Starship for its journey to mars to protect the crew from radiation?


  8. Yo Tim, Shout out from Valley Springs, CA! I seen your Kepler picture, You should get the Kepler 186f poster. Its said to be 97% Earthlike. Im sure you know about it but had to throw that out there lol. Thanks for all the SpaceX updates! I watch you and ol Kev (@SpaceXcentric) for all my SpaceX needs haha! Keep up the good work Bro!

  9. 35:42 Blasting the rocket maneuver: Using only center Merlin engine?. Increase speed and altitude. Can a few more seconds of blasting send the first stage to another continent?. Beautiful record of the maneuver.

  10. Thanks so much for uploading. I had the chance to see a rocket launch in 2018. Incredible experience. I uploaded a pretty awesome video of the experience on my page.

  11. Tim can you help. I know the difference between starliner and Crew dragon but is there much difference between them and Orion? Is it bigger etc?

  12. Can starlink satellites be used to intercept ICBMs physically?
    There will be >10k satellites in the low earth orbit. Some of them close enough can be deorbited to intercept an ICBM in a very short time?

  13. I fell in love with this channel because of moon dance – everyday astronaut…. honestly you did too. Loving the content mate!!!

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