WATCH LIVE: Tesla Model S Plaid is ‘Beyond Ludicrous’

Watch Elon Musk and his Tesla team debut the company’s most powerful and quickest accelerating Model S yet. Is this the ultimate EV?

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  1. Why are responsible people accepting the environmental destruction, contamination and rape of precious, rare and toxic, natural resources, to support Musk's idiotic extravagances? EVs are a wasteful and destructive, inappropriate use of technology.

  2. Something that is never mentioned about EVs, and that is, what is the electro-magnetic field like in the passenger compartment. People die from cancer when they are exposed to an EMF for long periods of time. That is not supposition, it is a proven fact. So Roadshow, tell us what is the EMF in these Teslas?

  3. I love the raw awkwardness of his presentations. It gives it less of a corporate sale and more of a school project vibe. The fanboys in the crowd are funny too.

  4. The level of cringe from some of those fanboys in the background is truly astonishing and sad at the same time ?

  5. Tesla is all about the future and creating a computer on wheels. I love it!

    I got mad respect for other automakers. Lucid looks interesting, but I still get the feeling that they are afraid to leave the past behind and move forward.

    Our lives consist of being surrounded by computers every second! Why shouldn’t our car be one too?

    I honestly didn’t expect all of this. You have impressed me again Tesla!

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