Watch Blue Origin’s BE-4 engine gimble at full power during hotfire test


The BE-4 engine is the “most powerful liquefied natural gas fueled rocket engine ever developed,” according to Blue Origin. Watch it gimble at full power in these hotfire test views.

Credit: | footage courtesy: Blue Origin | edited by Steve Spaleta (

  1. This is a towering achievement for those engineers and the whole manufacturing team. BO has its quirks, but it will be great to see these AMERICAN MADE rocket engines fly. No more Russian engines!!

  2. One wonders why Blue Origin didn't just have the members their legal team form a lawyer pyramid to get to orbit…

  3. I’m amazing how cool the engine bell appears to be during this static test

  4. Please spell 'gimbal' instead of 'gimble'. And you have ignored the potential inefficiencies of the engine:
    Its sheer complexity.
    its mass and dimensions are not optimised compared to say, Raptor 2.
    Its relatively low chamber pressure.
    its dependence on a single point-of-failure turbo-pump for both fuel and oxidiser.
    Its oxidiser-rich combustion suggests that it operates within an inch of its life, and may not last as long as hoped. There might be scope for surprise RUDs when operational.
    That it has taken so many years to get to this point, with all the potentials for failure (and performance increase unrealised), likely with a scary build-price per unit, suggests that this article is both naive, premature and uncritical.

  5. Why can't Blue Origin deliver them to their client ULA who is now out of Russian rocket engines?

    5 years late on delivery and still counting.

    Blue Origin has yet to announce any production numbers(how many BE-4 engines can be built, tested & delivered)

    A video of a engine test is no better than a snazzy Power Point or animated video.

    Stop talking and deliver the goods!

    If lawyers could get you into space, Blue Origin would be on Pluto by now.

  6. I wonder how many more entities will be sued before these engines actually fly.

  7. I don't understand, are we supposed to be happy this engine has taken so long and is only now being test fired?
    Oh, and Jeff is now trying to use the Twitter purchase to call Elon a White supremacist from S. Africa. via the New York Times. Screw Jeff Bezos

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