Watch Blue Origin Launch and Land a New Shepard Rocket 4-29-2018

New Shepard flew again for the eighth time on April 29, 2018, from Blue Origin’s West Texas Launch Site. Known as Mission 8 (M8), the mission featured a reflight of the vehicle flown on Mission 7. The Crew Capsule reached an apogee of 351,000 feet (66 miles, 107 kilometers) – the altitude we’ve been targeting for operations.

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  1. Misi Ruang Angkasa ke ISS dan Planet Lainya Menjadi Kompetisi Babak Baru Global Yang Menuju Bisnis Baru atau New Economic Space

  2. So why not mount a camera or two inside the capsule, so the rest of the world can see what things look like at 350 thousand feet.

  3. wasn't there supposed to be thrusters firing for the capsule? it slammed into the ground at 16mph

  4. A pointless joyride for rich people. In years to come, we will look back at these amusement park rides and wonder why people spent money on this, rather than a Space-X solution of flying into orbit. Taken more than 10 years to develop something that is safe but of limited performance.

  5. NASA needs New blood these parachute landings are bovine feces. What we can land these big call rocket boosters on a floating platform out in the ocean but we can't land that little bitty Craft on the ground because there's people on it really pathetic.

  6. Boeing needs to go the way of the dodo bird they make planes that fall out of the sky spacecraft to get lost. I'll bet they are the reason we have to use parachutes on SpaceX dragon crew capsule
    Boeing is a wind-up clock in a digital world

  7. So, that gorgeous big window that she keeps bragging about. Well it is kinda useless, unless they would atleast mount a camera in the window, so the world can see what things look like at 347 thousand feet.
    Branson atleast would give us a view from his space ship one.

  8. A couple of questions come to mind. 1.) This thing has flown so many times. What are they waiting for to put people in it?
    2.)I know this is going out there a little bit but, could New Shepard, with some modifications, be used as a Lunar lander? I mean, put that thing in a New Glen, modify it and dock to the gateway, then use as a lander to the surface and return to gateway. I wonder if it could physically do the job? need a long ladder for sure.

  9. i dont understand why you would show a clip that is about 2 years old.
    If you show any space related stuff be sure to make it something that has happened in the last week or so.

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