Watch again: Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin launches new space capsule


Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has launched its 14th uncrewed mission of its suborbital New Shepard rocket from Texas to test astronaut capsule upgrades.

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  1. What did he pay for his carbon footprint? Make sure your cow didn't fatulate.

  2. This "new" space capsule how you call it have been in testing since 2015 and still didn't reach orbit.

  3. Credit Elaine Newsham
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  4. Maybe my Amazon delivery was inside this Space Capsule instead of being delivered to my home Jeff Bezos ….

  5. WOW !! A CGI flying dick….Who's this Sh1t meant to fool… What an embarrassment..

  6. Very strange. Why Mr. Amazon is spending his money in this issue. Very strange…

  7. What now you cant say the word p e n i s lol censor me all you want i wont be silenced

  8. Come on man, you got to get better cameras we can see the moon but we can't see the rocket? With all that Money you need to get better CGI 🤔

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