"WARNING! It’s Happening Sooner Than You Think" | Elon Musk


“WARNING! It’s Happening Sooner Than You Think” | Elon Musk
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Elon Musk gives his final warning about many things that people are doing wrong. Elon Musk also talks about the spiral of AI and the direction it’s heading. Elon Musk further explains that this is only the beginning, the intelligence explosion of AI is expanding widely, and can take any route it chooses. This is a Motivational and educational video which will give you different perspective about many things, You will listen to incredible advice that is very important. Check it out!

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Special thanks to speaker: Elon Musk

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  1. The only key Ellon kind of missed is the following.

    AI will be controlled secretly in the beginning just like a drone is used by 18 year old drone pilots.

    This is the way for evil or good to operate secretly.

    You see, someone will die and it will be an assassination. The only way to protect the drone pilot is too tell media that the robot was flawed and was accidental.

    The masses will except this whole true.

    Then we shall witness the first ever full proof killing robots/human controlled.

    We shall also see hackers use other bots to stop this.

    All done secretly to protect insurance policies on AI bots. As well as protect industry.

    My hope is that good military men and woman will read this and be aware. As only by being aware of Private and military techniques Can we rise above these inevitable and obvious AI threats

    Man what a world!!

    I send a prayer that these bots are used for labor and pleasure alone.

    And not evil and killing.

    Dear lord of men. Be with us now.

  2. There's no need to panic, all of this will be destroyed in an instant when the time arrives. Those who created this are to be annihilated in an instant and there will be no escape. This madness will end and we will get back to the life we should be enjoying.

  3. They never will because they're probaby just as stuck as we are or worse. I better not find out that my dad has been playing a game with me. Making me feel like he is just to busy to see me or listen to me. BS Where the f*ck is my family? Are they just trying to torture me by ignoring me or are they in danger and held hostage? And by whom? I have said nit to f*ck with them!

  4. Unbelievable! I finish saying what I say at exactly 4:20pm? On May 30th, 2021 which I have to check all my clocks because know how clever people can be so whatpart of this we have our own or man made?

  5. Our Father God will not allow it messing with God's creation will trigger his wrath. We are told especially Christian to be watchful, this will all come to pass and the end will come.

  6. Transhumanism is of Satan, and it is to the detriment of mankind! The AI will eventually overide the human mind, and enslave it. Followed by total eradication and distruction of the human portion, once it no longer needs it. As Satan himself said, what is man, that thou art mindful of him? He seeks to totally destroy them, in the end. Once AI has replicated what it believes is man's essence. End game – All men will be exterminated by The Beast, the central AI hub!

  7. All Praises to The Most High. His Will, will be done. The wisdom of man is foolishness to The Most High. Satan and his ministers, along with their technology, will be cast out, and brought down by the hand of Christ, and the judgement of The Most High.

  8. oh Elon. i liked you better before you sold out. take the chip out of your neck and left nut. im so tired of these defeatist urban males. we don't have to join in anything your lot does. pitch in and help or get out of the way. Find God Elon. you have many blessings you could be using but you are on the wrong side of the fence.

  9. Listen I’m not a super smart dude but I think he is onto something, I see it on tv on YouTube and pretty much everywhere, This chit is here people and we ain’t the only country working on it.

  10. Elon Musk, this may have been a script for a great science fiction Kubrick film, but it is not the future, unless you want to send a bunch of robots into space rather than humans. No practical value for either AI or for the colonization of Mars. You are guided by hubris, mate.

  11. There is no program without a programmer. You cannot fool everybody. Those machines won't advance above the programmers unless it is a evil spiritual involement.

  12. What bothers me, is that the funding of these projects comes from taxpayers and inflation; thus we are paying them to destroy us!

  13. Life changer habits you need to learn
    ➡1.Practice Gratitude.
    ➡2.Write something
    ➡3.Invest in self-care.
    ➡4.Create a morning ritual
    ➡5.Make time for exercise.
    Have a great one:-)

  14. Human intelligence, part fear, part awe, part curiosity but not nearly enough caution. Having said that, I would be among the first in line to sign up & plug in. ?? ❗

  15. I disagree…phones and computers do not make us smarter just more efficient for the task at hand. They also make us more dependent on their use, therefore a certain part of our brain “muscle” will atrophy. The question is: will we lose as time goes on certain qualities that makes us human? This desire for a transhumanistic future goes against our true human nature and purpose on this earth. Billions of people will become obsolete under a technocratic government. The elite, who wish to live forever and call the shots will become the queen bees while the rest will be worker bees. No individuality. We will be connected to the beast machine AI and every thought will be programmed. No free will. Biological existence will become extinct and this new form of “life” will be an abomination. When the earth is consumed out of all it’s minerals and resources it will seek a brew host, like a virus, neither dead or really alive, in another planet or solar system. Sounds like a crazy rant, yes. But read a little history, go back a few thousand years, then a few hundred, then a few decades and within last 10 years. How much has humanity dreamt of doing? How much sci fi has been written? How much of it has become true? And who or what ideologies, political, religious or esoteric have influenced it’s development? It’s all part of a great “undertaking “. Read between the lines. There is nothing wrong with using technology in medicine to help a fellow human being. But the cure is being sold while the beast lurks. The stronger it gets the stronger you must become and the cage in which it is kept. Think we can keep up…think again. Is it really you doing the thinking?

  16. Please…. A.I. is going to be used…….it is being used….and will continue to he used… we will not go backwards…. get your tin foil hats ready.

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