WAI Short: SpaceX Starship Facility at Kennedy Space Center's Roberts Road – NASA SLS – Blue Origin


Short of Greg Scott’s flight at Kennedy Space Center on April 6th!

SpaceX: Roberts Rd. Starship production facility
SpaceX: Axiom 1 at Pad 39a
NASA: SLS – Artemis 1 at Pad 39b
Blue Origin: New Glenn Facility at Exploration Park

More on tomorrow’s episode! Enjoy!

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Production: Felix Schlang
Editing: Jonathan Heuer
Photography: Greg Scott

#SpaceX #Starship #ElonMusk #NASA #SLS #BlueOrigin

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  1. Love this! I'm really enjoying watching your channel and platform grow every week. Do you think for the shorts you could put your captions in the upper right? It looks great, I just have trouble reading with the channel info overlayed and I can't seem to make it disappear. You rock!

  2. I was talking to my wife after we watched space x launch the crew yesterday (from our bedroom window) I asked her if she thinks our youngest son will have a true opportunity to go into space when he turns 21, he's only 5 and at the rate space x is moving his generation has the highest potential for have space travel common by the time he hits adulthood

  3. The hell am I supposed to do!! Dance to that absolutely banger of a music or look at the progress

  4. Great content pls more of these short updates… And maybe the titles a little up and the yt-title a litte less big

  5. Wow SpaceX is really hustling on that new StarShip Tower! Does anyone know what it look like? Will there be a concrete mount like at BC? It's looking like there may not be. This progress really has me wondering if that Booster Header Tank and Ship Thrust Puck that left BC are headed to Florida. As the Booster Thrust pucks are not made at BC one might be on the way there from the manufacturer.

  6. Does this mean you made the journey to Florida?
    Congrats, and welcome my friends!

  7. The Blue Bay is interesting. I wonder if it's Blue Origin's take one SpaceX's Mid Bay and will be used to assemble reusable second stage vehicles.

  8. Are any of the smaller launchers building at the Cape?
    Quite a revolution to have all this activity as a legacy site like CC.

  9. great time to be alive! its easy to forget how far we have come, and how much farther we need to go

  10. and I imagine Greg Scott is really pissed off to see his would be footage abused this way….man I get mad about this…

  11. That song means we are go launch! So many memories. Haven't heard it in a year though 😕. But next time we do, it will be HYPE 🚄

  12. Poor presentation…my eyes are panoramic and stereo…not vertical…it's painfully gimmicky crap with zero production value….stop putting this out it lowers your integrity and dumbs down your audience…I thought you were better than this…16×9 aspect is what you need…it only requires the viewer to rotate their phone 90 degrees to get the full screen wide image action….obviously too difficult for teeny tiny tik tokkers…get a grip before you lose yours altogether. 🙁

  13. I will click dislike on any and every #shorts in principle. It’s a total waste to shoot in portrait. That is for kids and tik tok. 😎

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