Villagers React To Jeff Bezos Launch Into Space With Blue Origin ! Tribal People React To Jeff Bezos


Villagers React To Jeff Bezos Launch Into Space With Blue Origin ! Tribal People React To Jeff Bezos
Tribal/Villagers try different International Food & Gadgets for the first time today they React to Amazon ceo Jeff Bezos Launch Into Space With Blue Origin for first time. They give pure reaction to the food/things they have never tried. Subscribe to our channel for latest videos.
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  1. They should have been told that the flight was fully autonomous. No human pilot or maneuvering.

  2. Babu: "And they're thousands of miles up"
    Actual maximum height: 66.5 miles up.
    Perception is everything. LOL

  3. One day I'm gonna go meet and watch these videos with them while explaining what's really happening. That would be a wonderful experience to share their enthusiasm to learn. But, I need to learn Hindi first.

  4. Should show them the the first SpaceX Dragon capsule crew test flight lunch too as it shows views from inside the cabin too

    Videos I'd recommend:

    " "Let's light this candle." — NASA SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch " by C-SPAN
    " Tour from Space: Inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft on Its Way to the Space Station " by NASA

  5. I'm more of a fan of Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin group because Dr. Evil/Jeff Bezzos said quite the tone deaf comment of going to space for free and it's thanks to people who bought crap on Amazon. That alone made him the world's biggest Dickhead than his dick shaped rocket.

  6. I have a suggestion for a reaction. The Greatest Show On Earth Live At Wembly by Nightwish.

  7. Makers of this videos are biggest losers….you are trying to downgrade a particular community

  8. You should show them about the launch of the original NASA Launches of the Space Shuttle, from inside!

  9. The knowledge and experiences these guys have had in such a short time.. wonderful to see 🙏🏽

  10. Raeen once again showing his mind at work when Babu said they'd use brakes, and he said how can you use brakes in the air?

  11. Now that I started watching this channel, Babu's comments feel like healing drops of sanity whenever he unwillingly helps me sort things out in my mind. If you literally just gave him a word and let him talk for 5 minutes, that would be better than most of the content we see on youtube. We deal with toxicity, hatred, politics, finances, mental abuse (aka education), boring and stressful jobs, shattered dreams…
    They might not know much about science, but I envy them so much… modern society feels like we have too much of everything, yet we have nothing. I'd never think before that being a "common man" was the actual most desirable thing. I praise, and look up to them all!

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