V2 StarLink Satellite Internet Router 12V DC Rebuild


This video shows how I rebuilt my StarLink Router included with the version 2 square “Dishy” to run entirely off of 12 volts DC without the need of an inverter or anything else beyond a battery. The dish is powered by the router with no PoE injector required. I did use the optional StarLink Ethernet Adaptor in this build but it is not necessary for this to work.

This is not intended to be a step by step how-to. This is what I did. If it seems like wizardry I would suggest not voiding your warranty.

Primary items used in this project:

DC-DC Step Up Converter (50V Power Supply)
This one is probably overkill but works!

DC-DC Buck Converter (12V Power Supply)

80x10mm Fans (I only used 1)

80mm Mesh Fan Grills

Double Sided Thermal Tape

10x6x4in Case

Heatsink Assortment

Heatsink 100x40x20

RJ45 Extension Cable

  1. You should have modified the dish to use 12VDC and run a short ethernet from the dish to your own router. The 50VDC is only used to get the power to the dish over a 75ft or 150ft small gauge wire length. (its basically only power over ethernet)

  2. this is over my head. but im commenting so the algorithms might send it to someone smarter.

    I didn't know starlink rv was AC. That is stupid
    awsome job.

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