Unexpected Revealed: Blue Origin Leader's Secret Notes try to catch SpaceX & Elon Musk


Unexpected Revealed: Blue Origin Leader’s Secret Notes try to catch SpaceX & Elon Musk#STARSHIPFANS

Unexpected Revealed: Blue Origin Leader’s Secret Notes try to catch SpaceX & Elon Musk
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Revealed: The secret notes of Blue Origin leaders trying to catch SpaceX

Jeff Bezos had long talked about building a world-class space transportation company and had even gone as far as to trademark “Build a Road to Space.” But despite being nearly two decades old, Blue Origin had not built a road to space, nor even launched an orbital rocket.

Meanwhile, the rocket company founded by Bezos’ rival, Elon Musk, had established itself as the most dominant launch company in the world. By the fall of 2018, SpaceX was well on its way to launching a record 21 rockets in a single year, had debuted the Falcon Heavy, and was starting to seriously reuse first-stage boosters.

These were not easy facts for Blue Origin’s leadership to contemplate. But they realized that if Blue Origin was going to become a great launch company, it should learn from the best.

So, in the late summer of 2018, as Bob Smith marked his first anniversary as chief executive of Blue Origin, he hired a management consulting firm called Avascent to assess SpaceX’s strengths and weaknesses.

After the firm completed its analysis, the senior leadership team at Blue Origin received a briefing. They had to write down takeaways from the meeting as well as ideas for Blue Origin to better compete with SpaceX. These nine pages of notes were then compiled and delivered to Smith on Nov. 1, 2018, under the heading: “Avascent Briefing Notes from Senior Team.”

Well, this has been still a big secret until some screenshots of these notes have been spread recently.
Now, what are the secrets that Blue Origin has exploited from SpaceX?
And to what end are executives considering to catch up with them?
Several Blue Origin executives wondered what this might mean for their own company’s powerful New Glenn rocket and its potential satellite customers. Unlike the Falcon 9, New Glenn has significantly greater performance than the existing geostationary satellite market demands. Was this design decision, they asked, responsive to customer demand?
Unexpected Revealed: Blue Origin Leader’s Secret Notes try to catch SpaceX & Elon Musk
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  1. spacex start the trend, just let the other company follow it like landing its first and second stage…

  2. At this point bezos is like doofenshmirtz trying to stop parry the platypus.
    Tries again and again
    Fails constantly
    Least the cartoon character actually made it look better than a bunch of lawsuits and being one of the main reasons why spaceX, NASA, and such has been delayed.

  3. So in other words, run a good company? This is all common sense to me. They have to complete a study just to understand what SpaceX does right? They are already gone. They will be nothing but a blip in 5 years.

  4. Bezos is not going to change things. He has his own rut to wallow in and that's where it's going to stay.

  5. Why should Bezos put in more work, when he has his army of lawyers working for him?

  6. "inspiration" that word strikes me to be the key difference between success in space faring and an average company with a "modest" product.

  7. Mr Musk. Im Ben from Bondi Beach, can i ask a question regarding your thoughts on the james webb. With all the videos and commentary out there that i've watched, No one has mentioned about a small detail that i have always thought of, maybe I'm wrong for thinking this. I'm not so worried for the launch and deployment (to a degree), but I'm concerned for the location of the webb in space and any small debris of space rocks flying around that could scratch, or even shatter the mirrors, any comments on this. or anyone else.

  8. Maybe the people at SpaceX are not pressured and choose to work long hours, but they should be paid for the long extra hours; if not, it's immoral and maybe illegal. An old fox taking advantage of young people.

  9. stop comparing Sue Origin with Spacex, Sue Origin haven't sent anything to orbit ever. Rocket Lab is the real competitor.

  10. I like SpaceX I think SpaceX is on the right track. But We the People subsidized SpaceX to the tune of $5 billion in taxpayer dollars. Musk needs to remember.

  11. Wow,……….it gets more obvious everyday,……..SpaceX fans are one big Cult full of morons….You might as well call it The Jim Jones Space program…..I can't wait for the first Starship with 100 plus people on it tilts over on landing, explodes into a huge fireball and BBQ's everybody that was dumb enuff to get on the tin can…..this will happen very soon,…….🚀💣💥

  12. The problem as I see it, is that Blue Origin doesn't seem to have a reason to build a road to space.

  13. It’s Elon’s love of the scientific method writ large that propels my feelings of inspiration.PSST Elon; Jeff is right about space colonization via habitats makes more sense given the gravitational well that Mars presents!

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