Uncrewed launch from Bezos’ Blue Origin suffers midflight anomaly #Shorts

Jeff Bezos’ rocket company suffered its first launch failure Monday. No one was aboard, only science experiments. The mishap occurred as the rocket was traveling nearly 700 mph at an altitude of about 28,000 feet. It was the 23rd flight for the New Shepard program, named after the first American in space, Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard. The same kind of rocket and capsule have been used to carry paying passengers on 10-minute rides to the edge of space. It was the ninth flight for this rocket.


  1. They’re going to need a good orthopedic surgeon after all that…

    Imagine the force of the boosters separating from a rocket mid-flight, the various “stabilizer”, then the thrusters on the landing.

  2. 1/100 rate for nasa , I bet these private companies have a much higher rate of accidents. Especially with reusable rockets. I bet it’s enough that the rockets won’t actually be reusable with the current tech we have. Nothing like reusing something that has to work perfectly or explode, just not the brightest idea anyones ever had.

  3. Cool, it can fly over and take pictures of certain states in America, that don't have clean 💦 Water and do nothing about it.

  4. Yeah, and there was another anomaly in your bathroom when you went to "drop a squirrel" in the toilet and instead, blew the bowl apart into a thousand pieces.

  5. Jeff is still trying to get to orbit. Elon keeps telling him, "Jeff, you gotta tilt the rocket over as it goes up and start moving horizontally if you want to go into orbit." But Jeff's ego is too big and won't listen so he keeps shooting them straight up, hoping that one day, one will finally, magically reach orbit. 🤣

  6. Holy crap! That landing took my breath away. Never mind the G-Forces from the separation then slow down of the capsule after separation.

    I'm canceling my ticket to ride. 😅

  7. I’m very impressed by the safe landing of the crew’s quarters. Good safety engineering, hope they improve the manufacturing process.

  8. the fk does bezos care lol just doing all this b/c he got the juice and nowhere else to go with it, play "now it's my turn" with elon