ULA vs Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin's BE-4 Engines JUST like a JOKE!!!


ULA vs Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin’s BE-4 Engines JUST like a JOKE!!! #STARSHIPFANS

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Increasingly, the ULA-Blue Origin marriage is an unhappy one
Bezos made his fortune at Amazon through competitive pricing and timely delivery of goods to his customers worldwide. But so far at least, his Blue Origin space company has been a less reliable vendor.
This has been especially of concern to United Launch Alliance, which is relying on Blue Origin-built engines for its new Vulcan rocket. Blue Origin’s powerful BE-4 rocket engine, which burns methane and liquid oxygen, is years late.
The relationship between Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance is not good. “There is great concern about this engine development,” one person in the industry said. “It’s much more than Tory Bruno is showing publicly. There is great concern that Blue is not putting enough attention and priority on the engine.”

For years, United Launch Alliance chief executive Tory Bruno had been saying the new Vulcan rocket, powered by two BE-4 engines, would launch in 2021. However, he recently told Aviation Week the first launch would slip into 2022. Bruno said this was due primarily to the mission’s customer, Astrobotic, whose Moon lander was not ready. Technically, Bruno said, Vulcan still had a chance to be ready for a 2021 launch.

This seems highly unlikely because it is already September, and United Launch Alliance (ULA) still does not have a pair of flight engines.
After receiving the flight engines from Blue Origin, ULA needs to attach them to the Vulcan rocket, roll it to the launch pad, and conduct a lengthy series of tests before a hot-fire ignition. After this hot-fire test, the rocket will be rolled back to the hangar and prepared for an actual launch attempt. As of January, Bruno was saying this hot fire test with the flight engines would take place this summer. That will no longer happen.

What is the Source of Blue Origin delays?
There appear to have been myriad factors, some of which can be traced to an at-times distracted founder Jeff Bezos, and some to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we talked in the last episode, Elon Musk said Jeff Bezos has taken on suing SpaceX as his “full-time job.” He seemed to spend his time on meaningless work for his employees instead of focusing on operating his company. Last month, Top talents departed Blue Origin as the NASA lander fight escalated.

In addition, there has been a lot of turnover in the leadership of Blue Origin’s propulsion program, with Bill Kruse and Mike Krene leaving the company in 2018, and Kruse’s replacement, Dannette Smith, only lasting about a year before leaving in August 2019. That proves part of the error in Jeff’s management.
ULA vs Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin’s BE-4 Engines JUST like a JOKE!!!
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  1. ULA and Blue Origin are both TOAST. …. Neither one is viable any more so they should both face Reality … NO ONE can compete with Elon and SpaceX. …

  2. Your overall and commentary audio levels are low by like 10 or more %. Compared to other channels. ADs are blowing our ears too. Outro loud af

  3. I still remember when Blue Origin opened up their New Glenn factory to make a YouTube promotional video and I was blown away by how f'ing empty it was!! Like one fairing and a pathfinder New Glenn first stage, that was it lol They really are "old space" the way they do things and I can see why so many engineers are leaving for their competitors.

  4. What?……..a choice between aerojet and blue origin? Aerojet has been making engines since the Apollo era. Blue origin like nasa's sls and spacecstation are a joke! Too bad ula. Spacex is going to eat your lunch!

  5. Blue Origin needs to test and test and test. They need to get the hardware out there sooner than later. Development must follow agile.

  6. Save your money and switch to SpaceX. Even with the cost of terminating the contract, you'll save a ton of money in the long run.

  7. We have been waiting a long time for the BEFORE (BE4) rocket engine from blue origin. I hope we get it before we go bankrupt. Or before Blue origin goes bankrupt. Better yet maybe we will get it before Jeff sue's reaches settlement on all those lawsuits. Better yet just go with rocket aerodyne you have to do something to launch. Maybe just get the Mercedes SLS that will work too.

  8. Bezos should know better, you can't order your part off Amazon and expect high quality 🤣🤣

  9. Bozo bezos keeps using the engines meant for ula. Telling msm that they reusing the engines each flight of the dildo.

  10. An engine on a test stand isn’t the same as an engine attached to a rocket and taken into atmospheres other than ground level.

  11. Blue Origin is too busy suing NASA and SpaceX to actually build a rocket other than their New Shepherd.

  12. These BE-4 engines have NOT been tested to orbit yet and ULA is taking a huge risk to assume these engines will work as promised.

  13. Jeff Bezos is a joke. Jeff Bezos vs Elon Musk is like grade school T-ball vs the New York Yankees. Blue Origin is Tepid off-brand, generic cola whist SpaceX is Classic Coke.

  14. Blue origin is a scam like all nasa missions finally someone like Elon Musk came along to break the cycle.

  15. If ULA was going to build warehouses and fulfillment centers, Jeffy was your boy. If your going to space proven partners like SpaceX would have been a wiser choice. Oh well, live and learn. Line Elon says try and fail, fix, try again.

  16. bezos should stop spending money on temper tantrum lawsuits and see if elon musk would sell him a few raptor engines which will work lol

  17. no one is catching spacex.. you see boys n girls musk wants to get to mars coz hes a massive nerd.. the rest just wanna get paid.


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