TWC Satellite Local Forecast on Dish Network- Aug. 17, 2015- 7:19PM PDT


Video recorded directly from a Dish SD receiver box at my folks’ house in the Grand Coulee area of Washington.

  1. I got screwed by the switch of the is2 hd it just a copy of the feed of the hd and cropped so much I can't see for nothing

  2. Hello ImBoredIIDeath, Bad news my Intellistar 1 is now in heaven. Last night I had the IS1. I went to bed then woke up and saw the national weather with the new IS2 XD I just got home and say the last 1/2 of the forecast. And sure enough it had Jim Cantore. The Next one I recorded will upload. It glitched. Which is glitching a lot. So the reason I say this is now your one of the only people with a IS1 still. Keep up the work and keep uploading! 😀

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