TV Sat 2.5 Portable Satellite Antenna for Directv, Dish network


, TV Sat 2.5 Portable Satellite Antenna for Directv, Dish network

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  1. Ordered this product and was very happy with it. So convenient to not stand out there and move the dish around by hand and fight finding a signal. Very well made does a great job. So happy with it ordered a second one for a family member. The customer service is top notch and answered every question.

  2. Looks like a nice product and some quality engineering. As a former DTV tech I have no real criticisms (except 25' is a real short cord.)
    What do you mean when you say "side LNB"? International? 119°? The new reverse-band LNB handles all of those needs.

  3. We have had our system for about a month. It was purchased while we were in Yuma,AZ with our class A. We are now in Mesquite, NV with our new Fifth wheel. We could not figure out how to connect the system to the rig so we ran the wire through the window. Ed drove all the way from San Diego to help us connect our system correctly and help our friends with an issue they were having. The customer service we have been getting for our dish (DirectTv) has made this purchase worth the money. Ed and his team have been very attentive to our concerns and have answered all of our “dumb” questions without making us feel dumb. I would highly recommend them to all!

  4. Just picked up (shipped) to me one of these antennas. I cannot express how easy it was to setup and to aquire the satellite signals. All said, took about 10 minutes but after doing it once I know the setup will even take less time the next time. No longer will it be a hassle working to find my signal or make sure that my dish is perfectly level, just by eye is just fine. This dish takes over and makes it happen all by itself. Pretty darn cool!

    Another point I have to make it this unit is one high quality unit. So well made. Unlike the tripod that I was used to, this one is solid even without placing in the stakes. I still use them, for that strong wind gust that is high enough to blow it over, but it would have to be a good one. Every part is top quality which is nice to see today.

    I also would like to add that this company has excellent customer service. I had many questions for them and Chris was always able to answer my questions usually within minutes of sending my email. Also they followed up with me upon my receipt of my antenna to make sure everything was good. I sure did appreciate their attention to me and I am very happy with my purchase.

  5. It is an incredibly product and This product allows you to watch TV without having to install on the top of RV vehicle.

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