Timelapse of SN20 stacked on BN4 | Largest Rocket in the World


The Best crane operator in the world works at SpaceX.

SpaceX have completed the stacking of Starship SN20 onto the Super Heavy Booster BN4. The total height of Starship is 400feet.

The original video was streamed on NASASpaceflight Youtube page at
@ https://youtube.com/c/NASASpaceflightVideos

If anybody finds anything wrong with the video please write to me [email protected]

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  1. blue origin needs to watch closely. this is what progress looks like. instead of lobbying to stop space x.

  2. in 50 years when people look back at the site and everything it will look like it is a kids project in the garden.

  3. Are they going to stack all starships with cranes? The completed BFR looks taller than the launch tower to me.

  4. А вы кроме двигателя внутри самого старший поесть что-нибудь каюты экипажа аппаратура или такая пустая болванка там

  5. can wait to see the astonishing progress of space x in the coming years, i feel like they have only scratched the surface…

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