The village that built its own wi-fi network – BBC Africa

With data costs in South Africa amongst the highest on the continent, how can poor rural communities be expected to get online and join the fourth industrial revolution?

Well, the village of Mankosi has been at the forefront of an experiment to bridge the internet gap and make cheap wifi a reality. And it’s a project that could have major implications for similar communities around the world.

Video journalist: Christian Parkinson

Reporter: Vauldi Carelse

Instagram: .

  1. That village looks so beautiful and peaceful. It’s like everyone in the village are all a family and they all seem nice.

  2. Hi i am 12 years old and i want to make small internet for my country. Now my country is in military coup. So we dont have enough internet. Sometime they cut out the internet.
    My country is myanmar .
    Please help me and give me knowledge to make my small internet.

  3. this is me very lucky to live in my country
    although our internet is a bit slow only 120-900kb / s but all residents in our country can still use the internet

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  8. Black people, I think it's time we tell you how cringey it is when you guys proclaim "AFRICA IS THE FUTURE"…
    Please, fix the main problem which is our governments, AND THEN we can try that optimism

  9. This is such a great and innovative idea. Communities all over the work should be able to do this and not pay a much higher price to the big companies in the industry. Also very proud to see news like this coming from Africa, and not only war and hunger stories; it lifts up the people, their intelligence and their creativity with the smaller resources they have.

  10. If they’d make it Open Source and share how they built it, some people would be willing to share knowledge on how to improve it.

  11. if you want this to be replicated for the whole continent think a complete story with solutions description would help different parts of africa mirror development…..

  12. this is not a comprehensive story….what is the uplink/downlink service provider..they can not be just connecting multiple nodes
    and getting the internet….or are you saying it is a local network allowing the to exchange data and communicate locally…


    The leaders of the community should patient all their advancements and ideas to deter intellectual property theft. …Because Many ideas are stolen by others who get the prototype secrets and then rush to file paperwork as if it (the network logistics, mode of operation, and economic opportunity) belonged to them. …secondly, anyone that comes in to “study” the operations of your network should be required to sign a non disclosure agreement. Many companies buy-out and or steal business opportunities in order to maintain a status quo of market share at higher prices.

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