The Starlink News We’ve Been Waiting For ?

We recently got news about SpaceX and Starlink and their new foray into mobile satellite broadband internet. Many of us have been waiting for this, as this is the first step toward eventual internet on cars, boats and planes!

This will unlock an entirely new world of productivity and connectivity for not just the United States, the for the world. Now, we just wait for FCC approval!

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Full application:
Learn more about Starlink:


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  1. I wonder if Elon's people have figured out a way to make a flat "dish" for vehicles. They are using phased arrays, so if the can flatten the dish, this should not be an issue.

  2. Does that mean we will have internet flatrates on the go and don’t have to use the shitty bandwidth limited mobile phone internet anymore?

  3. The plural of aircraft is aircraft, not aircrafts. Same goes for watercraft. I hear more millennials and Z’s saying “aircrafts” and it’s fucking wrong.

  4. I think StarlInk will allow SpaceX/NASA to communicate & send information when they send rovers & other equipment to space plus providing internet to everywhere in the world ofc .. there’s a bigger picture

  5. I’ll be preordering a moon rover Cybertruck unless they release a warthog edition in which case I’ll have to preorder both.

  6. With that purposeless wheels u would unable to reach even to the Walmart.. Whether to cross rivers & do off roading… Never understood why people making stupid thumbnails

  7. Awesome video as always – short & information dense!
    This would be SO nice on planes… Can't wait until we have Starlink here in Tasmania. Apparently it's already 99.9% coverage here.
    I share the sentiment about working on the go – this would be huge for people like myself who work from home (especially if you like the countryside).

  8. I got an invite, but I'm about 2 months away from full time van life. Should I email someone at Starlink before I sign up and do a deposit, or what? I want to be first in line for the mobil version.

  9. Cruise Ships charges for internet are very expensive and predatory. I'll Never go on another cruise. They are very reasonable to get on but once you buy a ticket that is when the bargains stop. If you want to enjoy a cruise expect to pay double to triple before your trip is over.

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